Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine


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  • May04bwu
    May04bwu  44 minutes back

    1:20 How could she be too young to have arthritis in college? I've had arthritis in my knees since I was 15 years old.

    • TheAdekrijger
      TheAdekrijger  2 hours back

      "You are not contributing to the conversation" . In other words you are not blindly agreeing with me.

      • TheAdekrijger
        TheAdekrijger  3 hours back

        "The assumption they are a risk to everyone". That's not an assumption.

        • psiak ciapkowaty
          psiak ciapkowaty  4 hours back

          I had a bad reaction to a vaccine and kept on vomiting and had to be hospitalised for a day. I still am for vaccines, and ill continue to get vaccines. like so what if I vomited for a week at least I won't get polio

          • chilixification
            chilixification  4 hours back

            You are pro-vaccine until your child develops autism an you loose your child while being alive.

            • Christian Dzwonkowski
              Christian Dzwonkowski  2 hours back

              You remain antivax even if your child dies from a preventable disease because you blame others while failing to understand the science.

          • Costello romano
            Costello romano  5 hours back

            I am pro vaccination as being a former nurse. But I want to clarify these generalizations on anti vacinators being "uneducated", or. "Stupid". The chair of the University I attend, has a PH. D does not believe in vaccines. This person is far from these stereotypes. This hostility is redundant.

            • Michelle Marin
              Michelle Marin  8 hours back

              Dr Mike: * makes sense*
              Erin: ThAtS nOt VeGAn

              • Bravenwolf 9000
                Bravenwolf 9000  15 hours back

                The real reason for some of these people is that they don’t want to spend a couple bucks on their own children for vaccines but for their own greedy purposes

                • Mk Rickard
                  Mk Rickard  16 hours back

                  My brother had a bad reaction to one type of vaccine my mom and him still got him vacations for everything other than one type.

                  • Simon Roy
                    Simon Roy  17 hours back

                    I can't stand random people arguing a doctor on a health topic.

                    • Christian Dzwonkowski
                      Christian Dzwonkowski  9 hours back

                      You again fail to understand. Safety studies have been repeatedly provided via the cdc website.

                      Vaccines have been around almost a century. You assert they aren't safe. Evidence is readily available that refutes your claims.

                      You alleged long term damage from vaccines. This is your contention in opposition of all the available evidence. You can provide nothing in support of your claim and ignore all the evidence against you.

                      You literally have no argument. You ask questions which are repeatedly answered, have made false claims to be a doctor, routinely lie and are yhe very definition of a troll.

                    • Tim Account
                      Tim Account  9 hours back

                      @Christian Dzwonkowski - You did not provide one long term safety study. Thanks for trying.

                    • Christian Dzwonkowski
                      Christian Dzwonkowski  12 hours back

                      @Tim Account Still with the same nonsense Tim... It is a question you have repeatedly asked and has been answered. Vaccines have been around since 1920's and you have no evidence of harm over time.

                      Vaccine reactions occur however their incidence is measurable at approximately 5 thousand reported reactions to vaccines measures against 3 billion vaccines administered which is awfully close to that 1 in a million quote.

                      Safety studies are routinely conducted and are available at

                      Try having an actual claim rather than just trying to sow doubt in others, particularly as you are so easily discredited.

                    • Tim Account
                      Tim Account  14 hours back

                      Simon Roy - That was not what he said, but if you are making the point for him, then the follow up question is how do you know? Can you provide a single long term safety study that shows vaccines are safe over the lifetime of a person? Why should someone inject something with known carcinogens into their body that has not had one single long term safety study? It’s a serious question and one that pro-vaxxers are unable to answer.

                    • Simon Roy
                      Simon Roy  15 hours back

                      @Tim Account It doesn't matter if it wasn't 100% accurate. His point was that vaccine are safe for the vast majority of people and that we shouldn't be afraid to take them because it's way worse when we don't have them.

                  • Zipperhead3213 Smudge
                    Zipperhead3213 Smudge  20 hours back

                    As someone who can't have the DTaP vaccine because of being allergic to the Diptheria part of it I still believe that people should vaccinate their children. I was unfortunate to have a child that was born with a very low immune system and even a cold could land him in the hospital so vaccines were his life allergist were his life and mine. So I don't understand why so many people even those who have adverse reactions to the vaccines don't vaccinate their children!

                    • Tim Account
                      Tim Account  9 hours back

                      @Zipperhead3213 Smudge - You said that vaccines are safer than not having them, but how do you know that if no long term safety studies have ever been done. Serious question. How do you know they are safe with no long term studies to prove it?
                      Vaccines have known carcinogens and have been associated with autoimmune diseases and cancers. You are asking others to take a drug that can possibly cause serious harm without any long term safety testing. You can possibly see why others do not want to do that. If you want to take the risk, that is your business. It should not be imposed on others.

                    • Zipperhead3213 Smudge
                      Zipperhead3213 Smudge  10 hours back

                      @Tim Account you're totally missing the point of vaccines! They're much safer than not having them. Especially for those who are immunocompromised! As I stated in my comment just because I can't have the Tetanus vaccine doesn't mean I won't vaccinate my kids. I see the safe side of them that out ways the risks such as a fever or an occasional fever induced seizure. BTW seizures run in our family #epilepsy so we need not worry about every little seizure that pops up. There are side effects caused by every med you take are you gonna stop taking it because you are having blasting diarrhea? No you are going to continue to take it because you want to get better so you can get to work! Unless you can come up with a med that is legal for all 50 states that is side effect free and helps with everything then I best you stop on your antivax!

                    • Tim Account
                      Tim Account  10 hours back

                      Zipperhead3213 Smudge - It’s because vaccines have not been proven safe. No long term safety studies have ever been done.

                  • Malec Fanatic
                    Malec Fanatic  20 hours back

                    I watched that video a couple days ago and I just remembered, about a quarter of the time, the doctors were being interrupted by the moms and being partially invalidated 😅.

                    • Ocean Man
                      Ocean Man  21 hours back

                      9:11 So is it also bad if some kids are homeschooled? Since some parents are like oh my child is the best at everything so it cant be wrong etc.

                      • Steve P
                        Steve P  24 hours back

                        Anti vaccine folks are playing Russian roulette based on herd immunity. When enough people are brought over to their point of view epidemics will sweep our population. My parents had us standing in a line hundreds of people long in the summer heat to get the polio? vaccine as a drop of fluid on a sugar cube because they had seen the ravages of people in iron lungs or crippled.
                        There are instances where a seatbelt causes injury and death but we still require the wearing them because many more people are saved than harmed.

                        • Oge Nwafor
                          Oge Nwafor  1 days back

                          I get reactions to vaccines all the time. But it only last like two days. And I go about my daily life.

                          • Steve Griswald
                            Steve Griswald  1 days back

                            Doctor Mike, I love you with all of my heart. I even showed my mom, a head RN at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, your channel. She loves you too. I am 100% Pro Vax. I have a son and he's received all of his vaccinations to date. Seeing people that are anti-vax truly get under my skin. Like they make me lividly angry with their nonsense arguments. Could you give me one possible word to make me not feel this way? I've lost friends due to them being anti and they're people i've known since childhood. In my mind there's no logical reason to not protect your child. I would rather my son suffer from a seizure than ever experiences the horrors of polio or measles. Basically what i'm asking is can you calm me down? Because the video you reacted to made me livid.

                            • Mama L
                              Mama L  1 days back

                              Do “ Doctor reacts to Vaxxed : From Cover - Up to Catastrophe “

                              • Judith  Gray
                                Judith Gray  1 days back

                                Hottest doctor I've ever seen! 😍

                                • RealisticallyCandid
                                  RealisticallyCandid  2 days back

                                  How funny that all of these side affects, while maybe debilitating, are all treatable and/or curable, yet the diseases that were prevented are all deadly. I mean I'm just saying that I would purposefully choose arthritis in my child's hands instead of possible death, you know cause one of them is forever and what not.

                                  • RealisticallyCandid
                                    RealisticallyCandid  20 hours back

                                    @Tim Account I actually agree with you on some points and disgree on others. You are clearly better informed than a lot of so called anti-vaxx people, but what I believe you are describing is being pro-choice, which I can understand to a degree. I will make the argument that if someone is pro-choice in terms of vaccines they should identify as such instead of identifying as anti-vaxx. I think that many real anti-vaxx people are highly uninformed and actually scared that vaccines will cause autism, that the gov. is trying to control us, that vaccines don't actually work, that essential oils are heal-all, etc. This does absolutely nothing, for the common good. There are unfortunately going to be many changes to immunity happening and many of them, I theorize, is going to be due to globalization instead of lack of vaccines in some people, but I suppose that's a different discussion.

                                  • Tim Account
                                    Tim Account  22 hours back

                                    @RealisticallyCandid - The disappearance of diseases does not *prove* that vaccines are effective against disease transmission. However, that is not the argument most anti-vaxxers make. They do not say vaccines do not work, although the mumps vaccine works only 2/3 of the time and we are now seeing antibody resistant pneumococcal because of the use of vaccines. There are other reasons that contributed to disease disappearance such as better nutrition and availability of medical care. The fact that polio rates started decreasing BEFORE the vaccine was developed should indicate that much. But again, I am not saying vaccines do not work. It depends on the particular vaccine. The argument that anti-vaxxers are making is that vaccines have not been proven safe and they should be allowed to make the decision to vaccinate or not and not be forced to do it.
                                    Herd immunity is actually better with natural infection compared to vaccination. Immunity by vaccination is short term, which is why the last 2 major outbreaks of mumps occurred in previously vaccinated people.
                                    You have named the groups of people that are at risk of any disease, not just ones preventable by vaccines. Babies, elderly, etc. are at risk and they should take precautions generally. They are also at risk from vaccinated people because they can still transfer disease even if they do not show symptoms. That is shown by the vaccine strain of measles. As the doctor said in the video, there is no shield of protection over a vaccinated person and they can pass diseases to the at-risk groups too. If a person is at such a risk, then they need to take precautions, which most of them do.
                                    The point I was making about the one person that died from measles was not about vaccine safety. The point was to say that measles in the U.S. is not deadly. Practically nobody dies from it. A person should be allowed to decide to not vaccinate against things that are not deadly.

                                  • RealisticallyCandid
                                    RealisticallyCandid  1 days back

                                    Also ,I notice that you mentioned one person who was vaccinated died from the disease, but that is one example against the millions( if not billions) of vaccinated people who have been vaccinated and have not died from the disease. I don't think that point should be ignored.

                                  • RealisticallyCandid
                                    RealisticallyCandid  1 days back

                                    @Tim Account your point actually proves my point that vaccines are working. The fact that herd immunity is still a thing is good, but it won't last if we stop vaccinating enough people. You are right that they are not all super deadly to healthy adults that can probably fight off one of these diseases with treatment, but babies, elderly, and immunodefficient or compromised people won't be as able to and that's where the death toll will start. You know it takes onco patients in treatment more than two months to get over a cold? Yeah, imagine if they got measles. They would likely never make it. If I get vaccinated and get a complication such as one mentioned in the video, I would gladly rather have that than pass on a disease to my own kid or a bunch of other people more likely to die from the disease. This is one of thise cases where we have no idea how good we have it because we haven't seen how bad it can get. Its nice that medicine has advanced to the point were previously deadly diseases can be treated better, but it doesn't mean that they are gone.

                                • Robus WhiteWolf
                                  Robus WhiteWolf  2 days back

                                  Anti-vaxer: Just because you went to an eight year college and have a doctorate in medicine and I only spent 10 minutes in a place that literally ANYONE can post whatever they want doesn't mean you're smarter than me.
                                  Me: Bitch, that degree is official, legal, and documented proof that they ARE smarter than you.

                                  • JayIsAnEmoNobody
                                    JayIsAnEmoNobody  2 days back

                                    Using the argument that you shouldn’t get vaccines because you may get a bad reaction, and they don’t always work. Is the same as saying that you shouldn’t use a condom because it may have a hole in it, and you could have a latex allergy.

                                    • David Smith
                                      David Smith  2 days back

                                      So pro vaccine people should use personal stories, but anti vaccines people shouldn't base their beliefs on personal stories?

                                      • Tammie Maree
                                        Tammie Maree  2 days back

                                        I'm anti-vax because when I was vaccinated I tripped over leaving the room and bruised my knee.
                                        They obviously down-played the side effects because I wasn't even told this could happen!

                                        • salamipitza
                                          salamipitza  2 days back

                                          i havent got vaccs for 20 years and im being fine all day

                                          • busygalaxy YT
                                            busygalaxy YT  2 days back

                                            Vid should be called : reacting to dumb people talk to doctors.

                                            • Creeper, Aww man 10k subs no vid

                                              THROW ANTI VAXXERS IN TO AN AFRICAN WELL LETS SEE IF THEY SURVIVE FFS

                                              • Me E
                                                Me E  2 days back

                                                Soooooo glad he did this!!

                                                • Willem Neuefeind Lessig

                                                  9:25 this woman looks like a karen that doesnt know anything

                                                  • Nikedylan 2
                                                    Nikedylan 2  3 days back

                                                    I got the hpv vaccine and almost passed out do I support anti vaxxers no no I don’t

                                                    • busygalaxy YT
                                                      busygalaxy YT  1 days back

                                                      No maybe allergic reaction if it is an allergic reaction then soround yourself with vaccinated people

                                                  • Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia

                                                    What if your kid isn't vaccinated n there healthy ???

                                                    • busygalaxy YT
                                                      busygalaxy YT  1 days back

                                                      @Tim Account then they will get iffected by another infected individiual

                                                    • Tim Account
                                                      Tim Account  1 days back

                                                      @busygalaxy YT - What if they are not surrounded by vaccinated children and they are healthy?

                                                    • Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia
                                                      Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia  2 days back

                                                      Okay relax bitch

                                                    • busygalaxy YT
                                                      busygalaxy YT  2 days back


                                                    • busygalaxy YT
                                                      busygalaxy YT  2 days back

                                                      Its because their surrounded by vaccinated children or they have more memory cells. Memory cells remember the disease and know what that specific disease does so it activates the memory cell and it goes super syan and it kills the disease ..

                                                  • Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia

                                                    Regardless of what ur opinion is on vaccines we as parents have a right to choose to vaccinate period...

                                                    • Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia

                                                      What about the kids that die because of vaccines they don't get second chances

                                                      • busygalaxy YT
                                                        busygalaxy YT  2 days back

                                                        They die because their allergic and they are not sorounded by vaccinated children

                                                    • Stzven Z
                                                      Stzven Z  3 days back

                                                      I had a friend once whose father survived a car crash because he WASNT wearing a seatbelt. She was always an anti-seatbelt apologist after that. This isn’t a parallel but anti vaccine logic reminds me of this.

                                                      • Oscar Xu
                                                        Oscar Xu  3 days back

                                                        No my parents be like

                                                        It’s that damn video games

                                                        • Glyzar ͔
                                                          Glyzar ͔  3 days back

                                                          “Vaccines cause autism!” No they don’t it’s you that transferred the STD!

                                                          • Mike Wolf
                                                            Mike Wolf  3 days back

                                                            i've been vaccines since i born and til maybe 10+ years old and stopped because it does nothing to me i still can get sick when i'm vaccines

                                                            i'm 14 years old and stopped vaccines myself my healthy is good idk if i still need vaccines or not i'm curious

                                                            • Wander With Purpose
                                                              Wander With Purpose  4 days back

                                                              Appealing to someone on an emotional level is how you resonate with an illogical human being. The anti-vax community refuses to use logic. If they did, they wouldn't be in that community. That goes for any community that refuses to see how their stance is completely illogical, ie climate change. The anti-vax issue boils down, especially in the US, to an education issue. Too many people are completely illiterate in the sciences, many not understanding even the most basic of principles like the scientific method and have also not been given the proper tools to reason their way through things. Schools don't promote the use of logic, they promote memorization, especially in the lower/average levels. Well this is what ya get. People that can parrot off studies, but lack the ability to truly understand them.

                                                              • busygalaxy YT
                                                                busygalaxy YT  1 days back

                                                                @Tim Account he just did a quick google search

                                                              • Not Amused really
                                                                Not Amused really  2 days back

                                                                Tim Account This is an unvaccinated vs vaccinated study. It might not be long term enough for you but I’d say it’s pretty telling.


                                                              • Tim Account
                                                                Tim Account  2 days back

                                                                @Not Amused really - I do not know by what you mean that "nothing is accurate." Regardless, a simple retrospective study looking at vaccinated vs. unvaccinated groups would be a start. It would at least propose a correlation. Not being able to prove vaccines are safe over a long term projection is a HUGE black mark on vaccine activists. One should not in good conscience criticize another for not wanting a medical product that has not been proven to be safe. The "proving you wrong" part is the fact that no long term safety studies have ever been done. I already knew that, but I wanted to see if you did.

                                                              • Not Amused really
                                                                Not Amused really  2 days back

                                                                Tim Account Nope, because nothing is accurate! Why do you think the waiting period is so long for each vaccine? After a certain amount of days anything that happens can’t be attributed to the vaccine, but does that mean any small cold that happens in that grace period is caused by the vaccine? No!

                                                                If you’re so interested in proving me wrong, do your own research, I’m not doing your homework for you.

                                                              • Tim Account
                                                                Tim Account  3 days back

                                                                @Not Amused really - Ok, great. So, what you have provided shows the number of times a case was filed alleging a vaccine caused an injury vs. the number of times a person was rewarded for an injury. This says nothing about injuries that occur that were not petitioned to the HRSA and it says nothing about long term safety data - attributing vaccines to autoimmune illnesses, cancers, that sort of thing. Do you have anything showing long term safety data? That would be nice to see.

                                                            • TheJuiceBox
                                                              TheJuiceBox  4 days back

                                                              What never gets old? Memes, anti fax jokes, and lastly, kids without vaccines

                                                              • TheJuiceBox
                                                                TheJuiceBox  4 days back

                                                                What happens when a 4 year old doesn’t get his vaccines?

                                                                “He’s in mid life crisis”

                                                                • Effy TheOne
                                                                  Effy TheOne  4 days back

                                                                  What would you rather have? An autistic kid or a dead one?

                                                                  • Ilario Michelini
                                                                    Ilario Michelini  4 days back

                                                                    I m a kidney transplanted. TY for getting vaccinated and avoiding putting my life at risk <3

                                                                    • Michael Boland
                                                                      Michael Boland  4 days back

                                                                      It seems like most people who are anti-vax are people who make emotionally based decisions based on hearing or experiencing 1 bad reaction. That’s clearly not smart, that’s why statistics on this kind of thing have no room to factor in emotions... because they don’t matter when it comes to the numbers. Emotional people don’t understand data, you’re more likely to be blind to something if you’re emotionally close to it.

                                                                      • Cassandra Flannigan
                                                                        Cassandra Flannigan  4 days back

                                                                        I have epilepsy I fell and hit my head and I took 2 seizures and I've been taking medication ever since I haven't had anymore seizures so I know that vaccinations never caused me to have epilepsy nobody really knows what causes epilepsy

                                                                        • Jordan Tahirou
                                                                          Jordan Tahirou  4 days back

                                                                          I had a vaccination and I got very Ill would I do it again definitely

                                                                          • Heavy Metal Kitten
                                                                            Heavy Metal Kitten  4 days back

                                                                            They wonder why their kids die from these preventable diseases. Anti-vaxxers really make me mad.

                                                                            • Mags Ph
                                                                              Mags Ph  4 days back

                                                                              Excellent review !
                                                                              Really pointed out interesting and strong arguments about this matter! Couldnt relate more !

                                                                              • measl
                                                                                measl  4 days back

                                                                                *No, lady, not **_anyone_** could be carrying (fill in disease of your choice)! By getting vaccinated, you **_cannot_** be spreading anything around. That's the POINT! Any medicine or vaccine has a risk, however, the rate of vaccine adverse advents are one in anywhere from one in a thousand or five, to one in the hundreds of thousands: clearly an **_extremely_** rare complication. These people believe that anything which happens to them after they are vaccinated is **_caused_** by the vaccine. Utter crap.*

                                                                                *Mike, after you've been in practice for more than a year or two, explain to me again how these people don't **_infuriate_** you!*

                                                                                (measl PGY-37)

                                                                                • measl
                                                                                  measl  4 days back

                                                                                  *I just **_hate_** anti-vaxxers. Cannot **_stand them!_** The problem is that nobody under 50 remembers how devastating these diseases were. Chickenpox was literal torture. Mumps was the **_most_** terrifying thing ever: here I was at 3-4 years old, literally afraid I was about to die (couldn't swallow or speak - **_terrifying_** for a young kid! I could go on, as I had EVERY ONE OF THE "CHILDHOOD DISEASES" (Polio aside, as I was vaccinated for that).*

                                                                                  *Yeah, what Mr. ICU said!
                                                                                  (Measl PGY-37)