Eighth Grade | This is Eighth Grade | Official Promo HD | A24


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  • Ninjxm Turtle
    Ninjxm Turtle  2 months back

    Eighth grade has got to be one of my favorite A24 film (besides Hereditary and Lady Bird) not just because it’s directed by Bo but because 8th grade was literally the “cringiest” part of my turgid existence, and they portrayed it really well, the fake friends, the disarray feelings of love, the raging hormones, the parents, the anxiety of being a grown up and being a kid (older people expecting you to be matured but not really taking your opinions seriously) and other whatnot 💖

      7D7 PRODUCTION S  3 months back

      Soundtrack in the film is brilliant.

      • imagine my shock
        imagine my shock  3 months back

        0:34 she was watching an Olivia Jade video ouch

        • CinePhantom
          CinePhantom  6 months back

          What’s the trailer music?

          • Wesley Smith
            Wesley Smith  7 months back

            Really liked this one. Good job bo!

            • Blade Runner
              Blade Runner  10 months back

              Is the video tuturial on Youtube scene going to be proper to show to actual 8th graders?

              • Conor Mascola
                Conor Mascola  10 months back

                Anywhere to find the full interviews of the actual students and teachers shown very briefly as part of this edit?

                • Beef Bronson
                  Beef Bronson  10 months back

                  My favorite movie of this year. Elsie Fisher leads this movie leagues ahead of actors with decades of experience this year (John Travolta in Gotti comes to mind immediately).

                  • Karla Mancini
                    Karla Mancini  10 months back

                    Bo Burnham is a gift to this world

                    • L martin
                      L martin  10 months back

                      Millennial pussies

                      • Kevin T
                        Kevin T  10 months back

                        Lebron jaaaaaames

                        • The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed

                          I'm confused. I thought the movie was released already?

                        • Jake MacDonagh
                          Jake MacDonagh  10 months back

                          When is this gonna get a UK release?

                        • L3gEnDS
                          L3gEnDS  10 months back