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  • Romans 6:23
    Romans 6:23  7 months back

    this is like watching a vlog 😂

    • coco loves
      coco loves  9 months back

      I feel bad for Kayla 😢😞

      • chelly cheesedog
        chelly cheesedog  1 years back

        My best friends are people 4-5 years older than me and this is literal conversations that take place when in with my bffs and their other friends. Like I'm some fuckin alien and I'm completely oblivious to the world like I'm a little girl. I HATE HOW ACCURATE THIS MOVIE WAS!

        • overlyanxiousdweeb
          overlyanxiousdweeb  1 years back

          I’m going into highschool this year and I’ve had an uncountable amount of conversations like this. Makes you feel like an alien.

          • Aa Aa
            Aa Aa  1 years back

            That guy’s actually a really good actor. His line delivery sounds so natural.

            • Kamisha Marshall
              Kamisha Marshall  1 years back

              peep the guy in the hat being quiet the whole time (yall will understand if u watched the movie)

            • Kamisha Marshall
              Kamisha Marshall  1 years back

              this movie was so good i related so hARD WITH THIS MOVIE

            • Joe Whitehead
              Joe Whitehead  1 years back

              I could totally relate to Kayla in this scene, in regards to sitting quietly with a group of people all chatting it up

              • Andrew Weizer
                Andrew Weizer  1 years back

                I go to that mall all the time in white plains

                • Andrew Weizer
                  Andrew Weizer  1 years back

                  Mairead D yeah I I go there all the time I remember last year seeing a camera crew there It’s crazy

                • Mairead D
                  Mairead D  1 years back

                  Andrew Weizer yea are they at the palisades? it looked like it I’ve been there a few times

              • Beth black
                Beth black  1 years back

                I was 14 (in 8th grade) in 2004. MSN was absolutely huge and Mypace was just picking up speed. There was still video chat back then but you had to know where to look. There was a lot of underground sites that offered alternate type social media but again, you had to be skilled at finding them. There was indeed smartphones back then but they were of a different design and only available to the rich.

                • Stephanie Brennan
                  Stephanie Brennan  1 years back

                  Something about the film reminds me of Boyhood. Just fantastic.

                  • The Watcher
                    The Watcher  9 months back

                    Yea, the camera work is kind of similar. And the dialogue has a real feel to it just like boyhood

                  • Joe Whitehead
                    Joe Whitehead  1 years back

                    Stephanie Brennan Interesting comparison

                • kirch
                  kirch  1 years back

                  This conversation made me want to die

                  • demo1336
                    demo1336  1 years back

                    @Zones not at all lmao

                  • Zones
                    Zones  1 years back

                    this really be how conversations are

                • Jim Cowhand
                  Jim Cowhand  1 years back

                  Would a 13 year old boy like this? I wanna take my nephew to a movie, but don't think I can sit thru Slender Man or The Meg or The Darkest Minds. 😆😆😆

                  • Rudy Mendoza
                    Rudy Mendoza  1 years back

                    I'm a 13 year old boy and I liked the movie personally

                  • Rudy Mendoza
                    Rudy Mendoza  1 years back

                    It'll be awkward with your nephew depending on your relationship with him

                  • Hailey Wells
                    Hailey Wells  1 years back

                    I would wait. I'm seventeen and I really thought it was a great movie, but it's all about audience. I think I could relate to the movie because my eighth grade experience was several years ago, and my mindset has changed a lot since then, so I can look back at it more objectively. I don't know if he would really understand or relate to it yet because he hasn't gotten the chance to experience eighth grade for himself.

                  • ava quincampoix
                    ava quincampoix  1 years back

                    Jim Callahan go see ant man and the wasp

                  • Alyssa Marie
                    Alyssa Marie  1 years back

                    Look at the ratings this movie is R and if your nephew hasn’t seen Jurassic world or ant man and the wasp then I would recommend those two also if you haven’t seen mission Impossible I heard it was really good. I wouldn’t recommend slender man as it doesn’t look good but the darkest minds is a movie that has some relation to stranger things which is a great show

                • Gamer 2: Gamer No More
                  Gamer 2: Gamer No More  1 years back

                  Hey - I’m 21, and plenty of people my age had Twitter in middle school! That kid can’t just roast me like that! I swear I’m not old.

                  • Maddie
                    Maddie  1 years back

                    this movie is so good and if you don’t enjoy it you’re old 🤪😘😘😂

                    • 西施小狗Ming Ming
                      西施小狗Ming Ming  1 years back


                      • Joshua A
                        Joshua A  1 years back

                        this is the lady bird of 2018

                        • Rashotcake
                          Rashotcake  1 years back

                          Joshua A it’s better than ladybird imo. Ladybird felt less realistic, was less funny and more cliché. I like both movies tho

                        • Joe Whitehead
                          Joe Whitehead  1 years back

                          Joshua A If It is, then hopefully, Elsie Fisher could win the golden globe for best lead actress in a comedy like Saoirse Ronan did

                        • 西施小狗Ming Ming
                          西施小狗Ming Ming  1 years back

                          Joshua A OMG YESSS

                      • Isaiah Spears
                        Isaiah Spears  1 years back

                        Did this toddler just call me ancient?

                        I’m upset. I want to see this movie.

                        • Gabe Dinnell
                          Gabe Dinnell  1 years back

                          As someone who is the same age as those older kids, i can tell you that this conversation is remarkably accurate. the jump between millennials and gen z is very little but internet culture and social media make the difference seem huge, it’s like every three-four years online interactions change so much that people a little younger than us seem a lot younger than us. Internet trends are making it seem like generational gaps are huge in this time but they’re really not at all.

                          • Nate Phanom
                            Nate Phanom  3 months back

                            Gabe Dinnell facts

                          • R
                            R  1 years back

                            they're all gen z....

                          • Beth black
                            Beth black  1 years back

                            They are not Millennials (Millennial cut off is 1996). They are both Gen Z.

                          • Save Platt
                            Save Platt  1 years back

                            Gen z ends at age 22

                          • kira sussane
                            kira sussane  1 years back

                            They both gen z

                        • Spaceway Films
                          Spaceway Films  1 years back

                          And then the scene that goes after this emotionally scars me

                          • Ava 101
                            Ava 101  11 months back

                            When I saw him stop the car, I had a feeling it was gonna happen.

                          • Kamisha Marshall
                            Kamisha Marshall  1 years back

                            i SWEAR

                          • N M
                            N M  1 years back

                            marissajxy f

                          • Hannah X
                            Hannah X  1 years back

                            Spaceway Films at the theater i watched this, the second the dude offers to go to the backseat, u just hear all the women go “ohh noo”

                          • Kayla Pacheco
                            Kayla Pacheco  1 years back

                            omg yes i was so nervous throughout the whole thing

                        • IBlameNargles
                          IBlameNargles  1 years back

                          Weird clip to use. Still excited to see it though.

                          • Leather Pants Guy
                            Leather Pants Guy  1 years back


                            • al gonzález
                              al gonzález  1 years back

                              i'm from the older generation now ;( yikes

                              • Kitchen Rhymes
                                Kitchen Rhymes  1 years back

                                When the actual hell is Slice coming out

                                • Cody LeCates
                                  Cody LeCates  1 years back

                                  The only thing that upsets me about this is that kid has more facial hair than me and is 10 years younger.

                                  • Tiana Bennett
                                    Tiana Bennett  1 years back

                                    There's a boy in my grade with almost a full face of hair

                                • Yungpope
                                  Yungpope  1 years back

                                  Now I want Burger King

                                  • Vlpha
                                    Vlpha  1 years back

                                    This movie is the only one by A24 that I have no compulsion whatsoever to watch. I am disappointed, but I know for a fact that Jonah Hill’s movie will be excellent!

                                    • Gavan
                                      Gavan  1 years back

                                      Lol I love A24 and this is my most anticipated film from them. People really do have different preferences

                                    • Blah Bam
                                      Blah Bam  1 years back

                                      Pee In My Mouth, Mommy but I'm just saying in 20 years people are gonna be obsessed with pop culture from the past just like everyone is stuck on the 90s right now and this shit is gonna perfectly represent how life was

                                    • Maddie
                                      Maddie  1 years back

                                      the way bo burnham represents eighth grade in this generation is honestly pretty spot on and it’s so relatable. you should really try watching it, you’ll probably like it more than you think you will.

                                    • Jonathan G. R.
                                      Jonathan G. R.  1 years back

                                      Pee In My Mouth, Mommy Disappointed by a movie you haven't seen. What a genius. And why is that you want to see Jonah Hill's movie more than this? Is it because it has a male lead?

                                    • Danna Romero
                                      Danna Romero  1 years back

                                      Blah Bam as someone who has just left eighth grade this movies representation isn’t far from the truth

                                  • thefilmfanatic23
                                    thefilmfanatic23  1 years back

                                    I want to punch that guy in the face, he's hella annoying

                                    • Ellie Nas
                                      Ellie Nas  1 years back

                                      Not really, technology HAS corrupted the younger generation.

                                    • gnilttbs
                                      gnilttbs  1 years back

                                      Nicholas Grothe Alas, if only I could...

                                    • thefilmfanatic23
                                      thefilmfanatic23  1 years back

                                      gnilttbs Please don't make me throw up

                                    • gnilttbs
                                      gnilttbs  1 years back

                                      Nicholas Grothe He's bloody hot, so who cares.

                                    • dacdan yaboy
                                      dacdan yaboy  1 years back

                                      Wait till you see the movie lmao.

                                  • Jazmin Whe3zer
                                    Jazmin Whe3zer  1 years back

                                    When does it come out in the uk?

                                    • Hereditary •
                                      Hereditary •  1 years back

                                      Jazmin Wheezer commenting because I also wanna know

                                  • Everything Movies
                                    Everything Movies  1 years back

                                    Toooo fucking good