Spider-Man: Far From Home - Official Trailer (My Thoughts)


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  • Gabriel Bastos De castanha

    Such a cool trailer.

    • Mikey Tavarez
      Mikey Tavarez  3 months back

      oh boy comic book geekery..lol..i grew up with John Byrne, Michael Golden and John Romita and i don't know what this dude is talking about...lol.

      • anKniteOwl
        anKniteOwl  3 months back

        Funny point, that all Peter's friends are the same age. Maybe Liz Allen survived the snap and aged 5 years and they could use her as a professional scientist in some capacity.

        • Cinema junkie
          Cinema junkie  3 months back

          Question is after endgame how is he still in school?

          • Carla Jacobs
            Carla Jacobs  3 months back

            Mike Dasik I guess that makes sense

          • Mike Dasik
            Mike Dasik  3 months back

            @Carla Jacobs That's why he needs new passport.
            He is biologically 18, but formally 23.

          • Carla Jacobs
            Carla Jacobs  3 months back

            @Mike Dasik yeh but they would look at the dates in there school books and be like oh we missed 5 years of school.

          • Mike Dasik
            Mike Dasik  3 months back

            He was dead for 5 years. He has to finish his school.

        • afr0rican82
          afr0rican82  3 months back

          Give us miles morales!

          • Occasus
            Occasus  3 months back

            I agree: Mysterio is definitely the end villain of FFH.

            • JesusRebornKilledBornAgainEtcEtc

              The people who got dusted basically got a ticket to five years later with no aging while everyone else had to suffer their loss

              • Moros Silverwing
                Moros Silverwing  3 months back

                While it is Mysterio so it could just be a crock of shit, if they are serious about this multiverse schtick; what I am hoping for in the Spidey trillogy ('cause it's gonna be a trilogy, c'mon) is that all 3 are going to be about Parker learning to stand on his own feet without his mentor.
                After losing Stark he's going to latch onto Beck to be the next person to guide him, when Mysterio betrays him/or is found out to be evil (cause it's Mysterio) Parker is going to have to deal with who he trusts and who he aspires to.
                Jump to Marvel's Spider-Man 3: Wherever Home is in the title, and it is a multiverse deal.
                I want him to have to fight an evil Tony Stark, completing his arc of becoming his own man, as an adult and having to fight and surpass the man who helped him become everything that he is today. And more importantly, not to undo Endgame, I want Parker to be put in a situation where he has to kill Evil Iron Man.
                I feel that Marvel did really well with Spider-Man in a coming of age story, and let's be honest Holland really works as a young Parker, so I want to see them continue to work with that, as they've shown they can do a good job with those elements.

                • Gabriela Doleire
                  Gabriela Doleire  3 months back

                  I think Beck is just playing with them, I don’t know but my guess is that he’s making these “4 elements” kind of villains and they’re just too easy to handle so it makes him look good and Spider-man gets set aside.

                  • Vishal Sarkari
                    Vishal Sarkari  3 months back

                    I wanna jake to be a good guy.. good badass!!.

                    • JoshEntertainment
                      JoshEntertainment  3 months back

                      Maby the snap reversed time

                      • Victoria King
                        Victoria King  3 months back

                        all i want from this movie is Peter Parker to knock on old Cap's door and be like, "So I have this ww2 report I have to give, and...help." End credit? please?

                        • AlleluiaElizabeth
                          AlleluiaElizabeth  3 months back

                          1:11 Um... well if the latest Agents of Shield episode is any indication... yeah. Prepare to be annoyed, I guess? lol (Though I'm honestly not sure AoS even takes place in the prime MCU universe since it seemingly ever had the snap happen. Might be the "2014" universe that Thanos left.)

                          • Jay Bibbs
                            Jay Bibbs  3 months back

                            GIVE US GALACTUS

                            • The GratefulGamer
                              The GratefulGamer  3 months back

                              Ant-Man's supporting cast got snapped so who's to say Spidey's didn't lol

                              • CaYlYa
                                CaYlYa  3 months back

                                They made the spider far from home new suit with red and black in real life but just cgied over it

                                • CaYlYa
                                  CaYlYa  3 months back

                                  You should know doctor strange confirmed the multiverse

                                  • Mirvana
                                    Mirvana  3 months back

                                    Last time Peter's friend saw him was on the bus when the space donuts appeared over NY, and he probably had to cover for Peter to get off the bus and go do Spider-Man stuff. So even if they all got snapped, he still wouldn't have seen Peter for a few days after he went off to fight badguys.

                                    • sebastian mccullough
                                      sebastian mccullough  3 months back

                                      Yeah it's Quinton Beck...dude is a professional liar

                                      • The Abortion
                                        The Abortion  3 months back

                                        wouldnt it be great if flash was suddenly peters history teacher now?

                                        • eduardo mejia
                                          eduardo mejia  3 months back

                                          Do trailer and movie review for brightburn

                                          • kemuael
                                            kemuael  3 months back

                                            Parker need to stop being such a Wuss.

                                            • Traxy123
                                              Traxy123  3 months back

                                              I'm guessing they're going too explain why the whole class is the same and I think that Mysterio is straight bullshitting and is just trying to cause shit too look good

                                              • Traxy123
                                                Traxy123  3 months back

                                                @Mike Dasik I thought that would be the case

                                              • Mike Dasik
                                                Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                Some of Peter's friends are in college now. Some were dusted and are still his friends. And he also have some new ones, because there were survivors who were 5 years younger and now are the same age as him.

                                            • Comics-Core
                                              Comics-Core  3 months back

                                              I'm hoping the multiverse means the next ten year plan is gonna be the incursions from Jonathan Hickmans New Avengers leading into the 2015 Secret Wars storyline adapted onscreen

                                              • David Hernandez
                                                David Hernandez  3 months back

                                                i wouldnt mind seeing another version of Cap, iron man/tony stark or black widow. Flash tv show does it and its awesome. Arrow did too. Agents of shield is doing it this season. the personality always changes. so maybe seeing a completely douche tony who never got hitched.

                                                • jethrosketch
                                                  jethrosketch  3 months back

                                                  Oh my gosh dude... The evil guy replaces the good guy.... That just might be the best plot !!! That's all I want now!!!

                                                  • omnitrix1992
                                                    omnitrix1992  3 months back

                                                    If the events of Endgame happened five years later than Infinity War, then why is Peter Parker still in high school?

                                                    • omnitrix1992
                                                      omnitrix1992  3 months back

                                                      @Mike Dasik Oh OK

                                                    • Mike Dasik
                                                      Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                      Because the dusted characters didn't age. They were brought back to "5 years later".
                                                      So some of Peter's friends are in college now. Some were dusted and are still his friends. And he also have some new ones, because there were survivors who were 5 years younger and now are the same age as him.

                                                  • Gone Scating
                                                    Gone Scating  3 months back

                                                    I hope this movie fails at the box office. This looks like they are going to turn the MCU into a bunch of bad SONY like films, full of empty characters and poor scripts.

                                                    • Mike Dasik
                                                      Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                      You haven't watched carefully then.
                                                      Spidey is the greates character ever. And this trailer looks really good, much better than the previous one.

                                                  • Wayne A. Pollock
                                                    Wayne A. Pollock  3 months back

                                                    They should have aged up Flash Thompson and made him Peter's science teacher.

                                                    • Bigtrek34
                                                      Bigtrek34  3 months back

                                                      There going to open the door for the X-Men, Sliver Surfer, and Galactus.

                                                      • Spencer McClure
                                                        Spencer McClure  3 months back

                                                        This is a weird case where actually knowing how the character is in the comics makes it really hard to tell what's going to happen in the movie because even with what we know of Mysterio, there are MANY ways that Far From Home can go about turning him to a villain even if he is an outright hero when we meet him.

                                                        • ItIsShiro
                                                          ItIsShiro  3 months back

                                                          1:54 - 2:02 wouldn't that be somethin'? An alternate universe where, in my opinion, one of Spider-Man's weakest enemies kills him? That'd be cool as hell

                                                          • Percy VonSchweetz
                                                            Percy VonSchweetz  3 months back

                                                            One of the first spiderman villians I remember being introduced to thanks the the animated series was Mysterio. I'm intrigued to see how this is pulled off

                                                            • Logan Willett
                                                              Logan Willett  3 months back

                                                              the russo brother’s said ned definitely got snapped so i’m guessing the other characters we see did too

                                                              • Mike Dasik
                                                                Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                                Some were dusted and are same as Peter.
                                                                Some were not dusted and are on college now.
                                                                Some were 5 years younger, survived and are now Peter's new friends.

                                                            • Ramza
                                                              Ramza  3 months back

                                                              The whole idea of a multiverse is a big lie from Misterio. Trust me.

                                                              • OPTIMUSs_JEDI
                                                                OPTIMUSs_JEDI  3 months back

                                                                I’ve seen many of your videos but finally subscribed

                                                                • UltimateXtreme22
                                                                  UltimateXtreme22  3 months back

                                                                  Potential spoiler Theory:
                                                                  Given quenten Beck's background in comics. If they stick to it , I bet he is faking the multiverse thing and the elementals are his creation.

                                                                  • Happy Days
                                                                    Happy Days  3 months back

                                                                    Avengers endgame was the end for me. That was enough, not carrying on with marvel, hopping off. Goodluck to those that take another 10 year journey.

                                                                    • Mike Dasik
                                                                      Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                                      How can you do this to yourself?

                                                                  • headshot217
                                                                    headshot217  3 months back

                                                                    as a special effects genius becks pretending hes a powered hero

                                                                    • Javier Belmer
                                                                      Javier Belmer  3 months back

                                                                      Yeah I'm pretty sure Nick Fury isn't Nick Fury either, I'm certain it's Chameleon.

                                                                      • DRIFTY
                                                                        DRIFTY  3 months back

                                                                        I feel like the “I missed you” look Ned gave Peter was more a “I was worried about you” sure it’s only been a day but the last time he saw him he was swinging towards a terrifying space donut

                                                                        • Mike Dasik
                                                                          Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                                          You are just partly right.
                                                                          It was the look "I don't know anyone here, there are completely new and strange people here! [sees Peter] Oh my God, my BFF got dusted too, he isn't in college!"

                                                                      • TELITUBYKILLA
                                                                        TELITUBYKILLA  3 months back

                                                                        Tom's spidey meets Toby Maguire's spidey

                                                                        • JOE knows
                                                                          JOE knows  3 months back

                                                                          I'm excited about this movie bc I truly believe this will be marvels last decent movie until we start seeing more sjw propaganda imprinted into it. But that's cool bc marvel had a great run
                                                                          Anyway, I have a non spiderman/ marvel question that I need to know bc it haunts my dreams

                                                                          Caitlyn/ Bruce Jenner; do his kids celebrate mothers day or fathers day with him?what's the protocol with that? Does he get both? Lucky bastard. Probably both with all the personalities that guy has.

                                                                          • Michael Abia
                                                                            Michael Abia  3 months back

                                                                            Jeremy Jahns the skinny Johnny Bravo

                                                                            • 676 Studios
                                                                              676 Studios  3 months back

                                                                              I think I have an answer for the friend group being the same age:
                                                                              From what I remember from homecoming, his group consisted of Ned, Betty, Flash, Michelle, Abraham (comedic bell guy), Bon Jovi concert guy, sally (“Peters not going to Washington”), and another girl on the academic team.

                                                                              In far from home, the only people I believe we’ve seen thus far is Ned, Betty, Michelle, and Flash, HALF of the original group. So maybe the other 4 aged and graduated. Just a theory I guess.

                                                                              • Mike Dasik
                                                                                Mike Dasik  3 months back

                                                                                That's exactly what I think.
                                                                                Also, Peter has 3 new friends in the first FFH trailer (for example the "he's half Thor half Iron Man" boy) - they were 5 years younger, survived, aged and now they are like Peter.

                                                                            • Dennis Guerrero
                                                                              Dennis Guerrero  3 months back

                                                                              Ned probably just stayed back five times

                                                                              • gregorymjr12
                                                                                gregorymjr12  3 months back

                                                                                They all got snapped it already got explained the other students have graduated and moved on they will go over it in the movie obviously but it's not too farfetched that they all got snapped by chance.

                                                                                • Julian Ruiz
                                                                                  Julian Ruiz  3 months back

                                                                                  In Spiderman homecoming he confronts Aaron Davis also known as the prowler which is Miles morales’ uncle so I think Miles morales lives in the same universe as Peter does