XRP- Let Us Not Forget?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Published: 15 August 2019

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  • familyvid1
    familyvid1  1 weeks back

    The money wont flow into digit space until:
    1. It is obvious the market is shit. Usually people hold onto hope.
    2. The on ramps are truly ready.

    • Bitcoin Kong
      Bitcoin Kong  1 weeks back

      Just a last chance to buy below dollars nobody with a brain is selling xrp at 26 cents

      • Ben Anderson
        Ben Anderson  1 weeks back

        In this low interest environment there are only two places to park money, precious metals and regulated digital assets. Now if I were a financial institution, that digital asset would have be regulated, it would have to be connected to a well known company, it would have to be technologically superior, it would have to have real utility and future potential, and it would have to be relatively cheap.....ummm?

        • K DENTIAL
          K DENTIAL  1 weeks back


          • twinpillars
            twinpillars  1 weeks back

            It's a buyers market!!!!!

            • Leeanne 0707
              Leeanne 0707  1 weeks back

              Yes Matt I think so too.

              • Shaz K
                Shaz K  1 weeks back

                Your videos are waaaay too long.

                • Rob Stone
                  Rob Stone  4 days back

                  Absolutely, having to wade through an hour of fluff to get ten minutes of news just makes me change channels.

              • Digital Asset Guy
                Digital Asset Guy  1 weeks back

                Could xPool be the mechanism that loans out XRP? Maybe. Time will tell

                • Jason Page
                  Jason Page  1 weeks back

                  Love your stream by the way

                  • Jason Page
                    Jason Page  1 weeks back

                    How much of the fund over the new law suits do you think has to do with the drop in price.

                    • GREG WILLIAMS
                      GREG WILLIAMS  1 weeks back

                      Brad I love when the trolls come in the stream and you school there ass. You stay calm when your explaining. You know they hate that. love the show

                      • Joe Robertson
                        Joe Robertson  1 weeks back

                        Nice show can I get the invite to the telegram group. Thanks Jos