MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL - Teaser Trailer Breakdown: A New Era For Disney Remakes?

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • I take a shot-by-shot look at the first official trailer for Disney's MALEFICENT 2: MISTRESS OF EVIL, the latest live action remake, based again on Walt Disney's classic 1959 animated SLEEPING BEAUTY.

    I look at all the hidden easter eggs, things you may have missed and theories for the future.

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Comments • 38

  • Growlie26
    Growlie26  3 months back

    I just don't want it to retcon the original.

    • loff fest
      loff fest  3 months back

      Love it , will be there to see it again and again

      • Detroit Diezel
        Detroit Diezel  3 months back

        Crikey! Ah think I'll put anothah shrimp on the barbie, mate and watch this Maleficent sequel.

        • Music Unity
          Music Unity  3 months back

          Can you do the x-men film series in chronological order

          • Horseshoe Cowboy
            Horseshoe Cowboy  3 months back


            • Lord Night Villain
              Lord Night Villain  3 months back

              This film is going to be so phenomenal.

              • Caleb Kuti
                Caleb Kuti  3 months back

                Why is her cheek bones so pointy?

                • The Incredicar Fan Films
                  The Incredicar Fan Films  3 months back

                  I can't believe disney released this at last minute, rather than that book adaptation everyone's hated on.

                  • James Lawner
                    James Lawner  3 months back

                    Was disappointed by the first movie, but this trailer does look promising.

                    • maija 00
                      maija 00  3 months back

                      The scene where there is a man with a flower, could it have something to do with belle?

                      • Ernesto Chacon
                        Ernesto Chacon  3 months back

                        Congrats on Getting 30k subscribers.

                      • Hewy Toonmore
                        Hewy Toonmore  3 months back

                        In my opinion, this movie looks like it's going to be awful.

                        • Thomas K96
                          Thomas K96  3 months back

                          Not to be a Negative Nancy

                          But I think this movie is going to flop

                          3 reasons

                          .Remake fatigue

                          . Last time at Disney remake had a sequel (Alice Through the Looking Glass) it flop

                          . Mary Poppins returns came out the same week as Aquaman, Aquaman Beat It

                          Dumbo came out a week before Shazam, Shazam beat Dumbo

                          Now this time the Joker comes out a week before Maleficent and let's face it the Joker has a bigger fan base then Aquaman or Shazam.

                          And the fact that no one really asked for Maleficent 2 especially with the lack of respect it showed for the original a lot of people I know did not like the first one.

                          • Thomas K96
                            Thomas K96  3 months back

                            @Dave Lee Down Under I Agree,

                            I was thinking the Remake fatigue would come after Aladdin and Lion King which is still my most anticipated movie

                            The best live action remake for Disney that is to me is A hundred and one Dalmatians 1996 and the Jungle Book 2016 those two I think had the best of something new and faithful at the same time.

                            Speaking of the 1996 101 Dalmatian and also the other 1994 Jungle Book please tell me they will be on the streaming service because they are very expensive on DVD I wish Disney would released them on DVD and Blu-ray.

                          • Dave Lee Down Under
                            Dave Lee Down Under   3 months back

                            Here's my take:

                            I don't think there's any remake fatigue at all. Most of them have been doing well. I predict Lion King will take at least a billion. Aladdin will do well, but maybe not _as_ well.

                            I think Alice did poorly because it wasn't a great film, and honestly, neither was the first.

                            Mary Poppins was based on a 55 year old property, which I don't think is as "classic" to modern generations as it once was. Likewise, Dumbo is an almost 80 year old property that I don't think anyone really cares about any more. There wasn't any real hype behind them.

                            I agree that Joker will whipe the floor with Maleficent. I don't think it will flop, but don't think it will do incredibly well.

                            But that's just the thing. Everyone moans about the Disney remakes for "not doing anything new" but then every time one of them tries to do something new they get called out for "lack of respect". I just don't know what people want these days.

                        • Ross Livingstone
                          Ross Livingstone  3 months back

                          Holy crap Dave have you herd off the news ? About iron man

                          • Ross Livingstone
                            Ross Livingstone  3 months back

                            Dave Lee Down Under do you not have a date for endgame ? What is your next mcu prediction for 4K lol I am saying Thor

                          • Dave Lee Down Under
                            Dave Lee Down Under   3 months back

                            Yep, predicted it a while back. They'll release individually in the US on the same day as Endgame too, guaranteed.

                        • Cedric Mathew Hudson
                          Cedric Mathew Hudson  3 months back

                          The "mistress of evil" will not be Maleficent, it will be Michelle pfeifer

                          • callista sulaiman
                            callista sulaiman  2 months back

                            Cedric Mathew Hudson i think the same too.. I’ve seen an old version of sleeping beauty from Charles Perrault that the queen (whom was Philip’s mother) was an ogre and tried to eat Aurora and her children. After seeing this trailer, it made me think that the queen might be the evil one here, not the maleficent. She tried to protect Aurora but i think it lead to a misunderstanding for everyone including Aurora that’s why there is a plot twist here. If u hear the line which maleficent said: ‘There are many who prey on the innocent. I’am sure ur kind would agree’ can be a message that the queen itself might have an evil plan for Aurora (the innocent one) or dark secret idk

                            anyway its just my opinion 😀

                          • nigel spencer
                            nigel spencer  3 months back

                            Cedric Mathew Hudson I mean I always thought that Michelle pfeifer should have been maleficient

                        • Marvel Fan
                          Marvel Fan  3 months back

                          Hey Dave I'm new to your channel brilliant video Iron Man 1-3 is getting a 4K Ultra HD release for pre-order and zavvi is currently having a 4K release for the First Iron Man film

                          • Dave Lee Down Under
                            Dave Lee Down Under   3 months back

                            Thank you! Yep, saw that a few days ago. I guarantee there'll be steels for all 3, as well as individual releases in the US as well.

                        • Angel Pérez
                          Angel Pérez  3 months back

                          The trailer does look intriguing, for a moment I imagined Maleficent would simply revert to a villain. But perhaps there is more than meets the eye here. I am a fan of redemption so I want some good to remain within Maleficent.
                          Perhaps rather than being a true villain she will PLAY the role of the villains if its necessary.

                          • Alex Downs
                            Alex Downs  3 months back

                            If there is a 3rd Maleficent film, I’d like it to be about Aurora and Phillip’s twin children from the original story and that film being based on the 2nd half of Charles Perrault’s version, about an ogre from Maleficent’s kingdom trying to kidnap them. Or maybe the ogre could be Phillip’s maternal grandmother.

                            • Blerk Snarfgut
                              Blerk Snarfgut  3 months back

                              In the "original" version of the Sleeping Beauty story the Prince's mother was an ogress with an appetite for human flesh. Maybe Michelle Pfeiffer's character will turn out to be an ogress.

                          • Sofoklis & Nicolas
                            Sofoklis & Nicolas  3 months back

                            Loved the first one and I can't wait for this one! 😘

                            • Aaron Johnson
                              Aaron Johnson  3 months back

                              this sleeping beauty live action serial of films is starting to be promising
                              jolie seems to be continuing to pull off a ok job as malificent, though sometimes, she probably could sometimes be seen more on the good level, rather than the bad , in far better roles that people admire rather than turn away from
                              so i am kinda hoping that jolie kinda keeps that softened tone to her malificent character so that she has a moral compus

                              • Lazbro Brony
                                Lazbro Brony  3 months back

                                I didn't like MALEFICENT and that they made gave her a softer side. I like her being a villain. Probably not going to see this one.

                                • Fernando Yanmar
                                  Fernando Yanmar  3 months back

                                  The writers brainstorm probably went on like that "all in favor of pretending the first movie never happened raise there hands!" ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

                                  • Jennie Russo
                                    Jennie Russo  3 months back

                                    I think I’m pretty much positive that the dragon will come back and Philip will fight with it and Aurora will try to save maleficent

                                    • Tony Mata
                                      Tony Mata  3 months back

                                      Wasn't a fan of the first one but this one definitely intrigues me. 😊

                                      • Jennie Russo
                                        Jennie Russo  3 months back

                                        I really liked the first movie so I’m hoping to see this one opening week

                                        • s x s h a
                                          s x s h a  3 months back

                                          An Australian legend making great videos about our childhoods

                                          • Jeff B
                                            Jeff B  3 months back

                                            Congrats on 30K 😎

                                          • the retro channel z
                                            the retro channel z  3 months back

                                            nice video