GIANLUIGI BUFFON Top 10 saves of his career


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  • Gabriele Fragnoli
    Gabriele Fragnoli  2 weeks back

    💪💪Grande Gigi

    • manjil adhikari
      manjil adhikari  1 months back


      • Rapper Kasi
        Rapper Kasi  5 months back

        this guy is a legend

        • Gopal Paudel
          Gopal Paudel  6 months back

          Living legend

          • Priyakhi Boruah
            Priyakhi Boruah  6 months back

            Legend goalkeeper 😎😎

            • Kevin Rogers
              Kevin Rogers  9 months back

              2nd best Goalkeeper. Mad respect for Buffon, but Ochoa is better.

              • MortaL TV
                MortaL TV  2 months back


              • Kevin Rogers
                Kevin Rogers  4 months back

                Yes Adhideb Basukathar, I was sooooooooo...

              • AB 2000
                AB 2000  5 months back

                @Chlefboy1 DZ Me too 🤮🤮🤮

              • Chlefboy1 DZ
                Chlefboy1 DZ  5 months back

                I puked after this comment

              • AB 2000
                AB 2000  5 months back

                @Kevin Rogers You gotta be kidding me

            • Santosh Patil
              Santosh Patil  9 months back

              Best goalkeeper in history

              • jimmy yoyo
                jimmy yoyo  10 months back

                Buffon is not human..

                • Zero G
                  Zero G  10 months back

                  Now I know who to get in FIFA mobile as my GK

                  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

                    I'm a 6 foot 4 400lbs fat American, i could do better than Buffon

                    • I N
                      I N  2 months back


                    • Fraser Bathgate
                      Fraser Bathgate  6 months back

                      Guys, calm down, he was clearly being sarcastic

                    • Sachin Philip
                      Sachin Philip  7 months back

                      Isn’t this a joke guys? Calm dowm

                    • Kalyan Dey
                      Kalyan Dey  8 months back

                      Mother fucker

                    • Kevin Rogers
                      Kevin Rogers  9 months back


                      I don't know if that was a joke or not, so I'm just going to assume it is.

                  • paolo tondo
                    paolo tondo  2 years back

                    la 6 e la 1 sino semplicemente mostruose

                    • Donovan Roncancio
                      Donovan Roncancio  2 years back

                      el primero fue gol pero severa atajada