First Reformed | Crisis of Faith | Official Featurette HD | A24


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  • rmae r
    rmae r  1 years back

    I've just watched this yesterday and here I am binging on featurettes and articles. Such a great film.

    • Stéphane Constant
      Stéphane Constant  10 months back

      totally agree with U, man! This movie fascinated me when i watched it using boxxy software and it was a great experience for me, cause i watched it for free like all movies and serials using boxxy software

  • kaitlin campbell
    kaitlin campbell  1 years back

    Monument myself procedure disagree imagination ring original o'clock ok unfortunately simultaneously.

    • amulya murty
      amulya murty  1 years back

      ill watch nething from A24 now...

      • Ishan Rosha
        Ishan Rosha  1 years back

        This film was brilliant, another A24 gem

        • Derek Fisher
          Derek Fisher  1 years back

          More blasphemous movies smearing the perspective of what it means to the a believer of God. Funny that they never mentions Satan's part and Satan's plan in all of this which the Bible told us about. What kind of preacher think God wants to destroy the world but never mentions Satan and sins? A fake satanic one that's one, that's who. F these Hellywood movies and sellout celebs misrepresenting God and Jesus.

          • prodpip
            prodpip  2 weeks back

            Derek Fisher you represent believers of western religion well 😂😂😂😂

          • Derek Fisher
            Derek Fisher  1 years back

            Velvet Wayne you're intentionally not answering the questions. Hell is for disobedient ppl like you who adamantly and foolishly ignore the truth and make up your own imaginary false gods to deviate from what God Himself has said in the scriptures to make excuses for following your lord Satan. You will burn in Hell witch and wish you listened on this day instead of playing stupid

          • Velvet Wayne
            Velvet Wayne  1 years back

            God is everything. Created in his likeness. Every pleasure and pain the world has to offer. God is alive, not confined to the pages of a book written by men.
            I do not understand him. I accept his perfection.

          • Derek Fisher
            Derek Fisher  1 years back

            Velvet Wayne youre avoiding the questions and doing so purposely. Truth is Hell exist because ppl are following Satan thus not in Gods perfection. God told us His mind in His word. That's why the Bible is called Gods word. Why would God leave us here without any way to reach Him and to get to know what He wants for us?? If no one can know God's mind why the heck are you speaking like you do?? Your own logic defeats you. Smh.

          • Velvet Wayne
            Velvet Wayne  1 years back

            Who can know the mind of God. Everything is as it wants it to be. Accept his perfection.

        • Taedrem
          Taedrem  1 years back

          Maybe start showing it in more then 3 theaters so people can actually see the film.

          • So Jin Choi
            So Jin Choi  1 years back

            Taedrem It’s in 91 theaters in over 17 cities as of now, and opens nationwide this weekend (June 8), which I assume is why the featurettes are now uploaded.

        • Abram Porras
          Abram Porras  1 years back

          Hope it's scary

          • Stéphane Constant
            Stéphane Constant  10 months back

            it's good! I recommed this movie for everyone who wanted to watch something special! Watch it with boxxy software and enjoy every minute of this movie cause it is for free

        • Rafael B.
          Rafael B.  1 years back

          I cannot wait to see this and hereditary. Thank you A24

          • Stéphane Constant
            Stéphane Constant  10 months back

            Both movie are great! I saw it yesterday using boxxy software and i liked it, especially because i watched it using great dubbing

        • Yogi Syahputra
          Yogi Syahputra  1 years back

          i hope its not just the Schrader's version of Bergman's Winter Light.

          • Isaac Soto
            Isaac Soto  1 years back

            Yogi Syahputra cosmetically derivative but thematically totally it’s own

        • timecop2344
          timecop2344  1 years back

          Saw this on monday and i cannot get this film out of my head. Its truly something special

          • slushy
            slushy  1 years back

            Gusti Krof see it and decide! it’s better seeing without knowing what to expect. it was great.

          • Gusti Krof
            Gusti Krof  1 years back

            was it as depressing as i think it is?

        • Serban Capraru
          Serban Capraru  1 years back

          Looks great.