Bo Burnham on "Eighth Grade" and tech


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  • fluffykittens001
    fluffykittens001  1 weeks back

    why did this interview seem like satire

    • Tam Bam
      Tam Bam  4 months back

      His mind is such a fascinating place

      • Hulalula
        Hulalula  4 months back

        “Infinity or oblivion.” That’s so powerful good lord

        • Mr Wednesday
          Mr Wednesday  4 months back

          this host is extremely pretentious

          • David OHara
            David OHara  7 months back

            " much they (kids) don't want to think about political issues until a political issue kicks down the door with a political issue in their hand."

            What a powerful and heartbreaking image.

            • Toten Brunk
              Toten Brunk  7 months back

              The hosts cadence makes me a little uncomfortable for some reason

              • m
                m  3 months back

                Toten Brunk it’s because he is very disingenuous. Basically a talking head who asks shallow questions. It makes the situation very polarizing.

            • Riley G 2
              Riley G 2  7 months back

              Bo is so smart that I had to add this video to my "Holy shit" Playlist

              • georgesoros paidtroll
                georgesoros paidtroll  1 years back

                Wow. I only started watching bo's stand up days ago. I'm 36 and its still so relatable. I'm glad he made this movie. I think he genuinely cares about his peers.