Every DISNEY MOVIE Until 2023 Announced (including Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Remakes)


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  • Dave Lee Down Under
    Dave Lee Down Under   2 months back

    *UPDATES* :
    _19 June, 2020 Untitled Pixar_ = SOUL
    _1 May, 2020 Untitled Marvel_ = Black Widow
    _6 November, 2020 Untitled Marvel_ = The Eternals
    _12 February, 2021 Untitled Marvel_ = Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    _7 May, 2021 Untitled Marvel_ = Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    _5 November, 2021 Untitled Marvel_ = Thor: Love and Thunder

    _12 March 2021 / 28 May 2021 / 22 August 2021/ 7 October 2021 / 4 November 2021 Untitled Live Action_ = One of these dates likely THE LITTLE MERMAID

    • Zactical Nerf
      Zactical Nerf  4 weeks back

      Toy Story 5, could it be?

    • Dave Lee Down Under
      Dave Lee Down Under   4 weeks back

      @Undertaken Frog-_- As I mentioned, this video only covers titles released under Disney, not Fox.

    • Fer Flores
      Fer Flores  1 months back

      Kailey Jade no

    • Kailey Jade
      Kailey Jade  1 months back

      is ariana grande supposed to be the little mermaid?

  • eurossocial
    eurossocial  2 days back

    As an authentic Disney fan I like more the 90s Disney movies. I hate Marvel and StarWars. Disney company made a lot of mistakes. Why they keep repeating the same Movies?? Nothing Original for the future. They should bring all the "never Made" Unique movies to the big screen. All the hypothetical "similarities with other movies" excuses, are pointless. Some few Disney staff can not represent the millions viewers of population of the planet judging with their own tastes and likes. Many Global-famous-movies (Just an example...) such as 101 Dalmatians, never made it as an attractions to the parks. Why??? What they really try to do is to IMPOSE a darker evil Era with gothic and dark themed movies, either we like it or not. Unfortunately. 😒😠😡

    • Stephen Philip
      Stephen Philip  4 days back

      New Star Wars trilogy better be old republic or ima flip

      • Mita Kabir
        Mita Kabir  6 days back

        Make a new video cuz marvel has released it's phase 4

        • Dave Lee Down Under
          Dave Lee Down Under   6 days back

          I will be - but I'm waiting on D23 where Disney will be announcing more titles from the slate

      • Russell Ferguson
        Russell Ferguson  1 weeks back

        Who else is ready for some Star Wars?

        • Juan Risa
          Juan Risa  1 weeks back

          I got an idea for an animated Disney movie: Two kingdoms, one made of fire and one made of water, are at war at each other because they think they may kill the other because they are different, and their kings keep teaching them that to their daughters, who try to believe another solution may exist. However, both princesses get lost during a battle and find themselves working together to find a way to their homes. Soon, a romance blossoms between the two, and come to realize that both the war and its reason are wrong, and that there's a way to end it while doing what's right. How that sounds?

          • Danie Yuki
            Danie Yuki  2 weeks back

            I hope they don't ruin Mulan, and Little Mermaid. I am not looking forward to these movies coming out.

          • Tiffany munene
            Tiffany munene  2 weeks back

            what about decendants 3

            • Dave Lee Down Under
              Dave Lee Down Under   2 weeks back

              It’s not a theatrically released movie. Like I said in the video, this is only based on theatrical films as noted in Disney’s release schedule, which does not include TV movies.

          • FoxyLiana Foxy
            FoxyLiana Foxy  2 weeks back

            I'm so happy black widow finally gets her own movie

            • alex9920
              alex9920  3 weeks back

              Only remakes? The original animated films are much better, these are classics. Disney sucks now! It really went downhill.

            • Neil Jacob Nacilla
              Neil Jacob Nacilla  3 weeks back

              What about Enchanted 2?
              What happened to it?

              • Dave Lee Down Under
                Dave Lee Down Under   3 weeks back

                Hasn't been _officially_ announced yet - so it's likely one of the untitled live actions. Hoping for an announcement at D23.

            • Melody Stanley
              Melody Stanley  3 weeks back

              carrie fisher is dead

            • Scott Holtry
              Scott Holtry  3 weeks back

              WHERE IS DESENDANTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Dave Lee Down Under
                Dave Lee Down Under   3 weeks back

                It is not a theatrical release. Like I said, multiple times, this video is based on Disney’s official release schedule which only covers theatrical films — not straight-to-television movies.

            • Jacob Anderson
              Jacob Anderson  3 weeks back

              What about the two upcoming zootopia sequels?

            • 3dPixel Raceing dude10284

              I think one of the live actions untitled maybe jungle book 2 remake and lilo and stich

              • Madame obsession
                Madame obsession  4 weeks back

                They ought to go back to remaking fairytales. The goose girl would be an ideal Disney movie.

                • plastiqbeach
                  plastiqbeach  4 weeks back

                  All these remakes have me sighing. Make some more original content. Remakes are so forgettable and uninspired.

                  • Dave Lee Down Under
                    Dave Lee Down Under   4 weeks back

                    If people want less remakes, they should support the original content Disney puts out multiple times a year. When these remakes bank close to or over $1billion a pop and original films make average $200million, audiences are sending a clear message.

                • DerYamoZ
                  DerYamoZ  4 weeks back

                  If adventure has a name it must be INDIANA JONES

                  • Sarah BM
                    Sarah BM  4 weeks back

                    The Untitled marvel may 1,2020 is black widow

                    • Celeste Heron
                      Celeste Heron  1 months back

                      May 1 2020 black widow November 6 2020 The eternal summer February 12, 2021 Shang Chi legend of the ten rings may 7 2021 Doctor Strange and the realms of madness November 5 2021 Thor Love and thunder
                      Untitled marvel movie February 18, 2022 untitled marvel movie May 6 2022 july 29 2022 possible movies Captain marvel 2 blade Spiderman 3 guardians of the galaxy vol 3 The avengers 5 fantastic four ant-man 3?

                      • Meerub Mahmood
                        Meerub Mahmood  1 months back

                        You missed Descendants 3...

                        • Meerub Mahmood
                          Meerub Mahmood  4 weeks back

                          Oh ok!

                        • Dave Lee Down Under
                          Dave Lee Down Under   1 months back

                          It's a Disney Channel movie and I stated many times in this video I was only talking about the theatrical films noted in Disney's press release...

                      • PotionsYT
                        PotionsYT  1 months back

                        AUSSIE CHANNEL!

                      • 3dPixel Raceing dude10284

                        I hope there will a Pixar’s boo after soul

                        • tennyson welekankanamge
                          tennyson welekankanamge  1 months back

                          No any carribean seriees furthre........

                          • Dave Lee Down Under
                            Dave Lee Down Under   1 months back

                            Possible that one could be one of the untitled live action films.

                        • King Oswald
                          King Oswald  1 months back

                          Hoping for Peter pan

                          • Wolfette 50473
                            Wolfette 50473  1 months back

                            Disney, What "Untitled Walt Disney Animation" do you have for us in store?

                            (2D? 3D? Stop-Motion?)

                            • Jael Santos
                              Jael Santos  1 months back

                              It would be good if there was a movie of the princess and the frog I think it would be interesting

                              • Asta Hoeygaard Hansen
                                Asta Hoeygaard Hansen  1 months back

                                Sorry but what an irritating voice

                                • Dave Lee Down Under
                                  Dave Lee Down Under   1 months back

                                  Sorry, but what an irritating comment. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Did you mother not ever teach you that?

                              • Ambar Ramirez
                                Ambar Ramirez  1 months back

                                DID I HEAR DANNY DEVITO

                                • Ambar Ramirez
                                  Ambar Ramirez  1 months back

                                  I feel like Mulan is going to be trash

                                  • david Jaeckel
                                    david Jaeckel  1 months back

                                    Saying untitled is not announcing every release, stupid video.

                                    • Dave Lee Down Under
                                      Dave Lee Down Under   1 months back

                                      Don't take it out on me, I'm literally just relaying the information that Disney released. Got an issue - take it out on them.

                                  • Cerys Roberts
                                    Cerys Roberts  1 months back

                                    Rest of 2019
                                    Toy story 4
                                    The lion king
                                    Maleficent mistress of evil
                                    Frozen 2
                                    Star Wars the rise of skywalker

                                    Untitled Marvel
                                    Artemis fowl
                                    Untitled Pixar
                                    Jungle cruise
                                    The one and only Ivan
                                    Untitled Marvel
                                    Untitled Walt Disney animation

                                    Untitled Marvel
                                    Untitled live action Disney
                                    Untitled Marvel
                                    Untitled live action Disney
                                    Untitled Indiana Jones 5
                                    Untitled live action Disney
                                    Untitled live action Disney
                                    Untitled Marvel
                                    Avatar 2

                                    I gave up after this point because they’re all untitled but here you go 😂

                                  • Khoi Vo
                                    Khoi Vo  1 months back

                                    lion king came out today in Australia 17 of July

                                    • Jacob Britton
                                      Jacob Britton  1 months back

                                      Remeber when Disney made original movies?... Now it's just live-action remakes and franchise continuations... so unlike them

                                      • Jaclyn Brownie
                                        Jaclyn Brownie  1 months back

                                        Wait did he just say that in Julian there will be no songs like that’s the best part!!!

                                        • Kim Yeonghan
                                          Kim Yeonghan  1 months back

                                          I just want a wall-e sequel

                                          • KicksomePing Magee11
                                            KicksomePing Magee11  1 months back

                                            All the Phase four marvel movie names have been revealed, maybe they weren’t at the time of this video, but I think you should an updated one soon

                                            • Katharine Johns
                                              Katharine Johns  1 months back

                                              I was wondering where the Morbius movie was, but it’s not under the Disney banner, is it?

                                              • Anthro Girl
                                                Anthro Girl  1 months back

                                                I'm kind of miffed that Artemis will be next year and not next month. T___T

                                                • Erin Hoying
                                                  Erin Hoying  1 months back

                                                  They are making a little mermaid 🧜🏽‍♀️

                                                  • James Howard
                                                    James Howard  1 months back

                                                    We need Indiana Jones 5

                                                    • Khadijah Joy Sams
                                                      Khadijah Joy Sams  1 months back

                                                      Thank you for the Video

                                                      • Lyra Holland
                                                        Lyra Holland  1 months back

                                                        U forgot Far From Home

                                                      • KillzoneGaming
                                                        KillzoneGaming  1 months back

                                                        Can Mulan not come out on my birthday

                                                        • Katelyn Orme
                                                          Katelyn Orme  1 months back

                                                          More Star Wars? Not sure about that one.

                                                          • Video Everything
                                                            Video Everything  1 months back

                                                            This is great news. I hope I'm a fan of the untitled franchise

                                                            • Xeno Glitch
                                                              Xeno Glitch  1 months back

                                                              It seems that Pixar and Walt Disney Animation are the only production companies who are actually doing new stuff

                                                              • Morgan Beehler
                                                                Morgan Beehler  1 months back

                                                                2021 anyone?!?