Cobie Smulders and Mark Ruffalo Play Avengers Games with Rich Wilkinson


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  • Anna Schutt
    Anna Schutt  6 years back

    It's alright, Cobie. I totally have a crush on Tony Stark as well. (I mean, who doesn't, really?)

    • Julian Garibotto
      Julian Garibotto  6 years back

      he is so boring

      • Jason Chan
        Jason Chan  7 years back

        He was basically begging for some attention from colbie LOL at least have some decency to smile and pretend it was a joke! cause it was kinda hard to watch XD

        • Kyle Reese
          Kyle Reese  5 months back

          I didn't know what you were talking about at first, and as the interview went along i was like jeez this is hard to watch.