Manny Pacquiao says he has no plans to retire after defeating Keith Thurman


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  • Guardian Sport
    Guardian Sport   4 weeks back

    Pacquiao defeats Thurman by split decision – as it happened ►

    • Stag Party 101
      Stag Party 101  2 weeks back

      If the fight is against Mayweather, he should not retire. A fight with Mayweather is not a health risk anyway.

      • Dale Aluge
        Dale Aluge  4 weeks back

        d mo retire c Pakyaw, hinakug na na sa kwarta, moabot ang panahon nga ma TKO na in 1 round ug dna mobuka ang mata.

        • MarkJr. cg
          MarkJr. cg  2 weeks back

          Kwarta is money in English

        • BadAss LeviZoro
          BadAss LeviZoro  4 weeks back

          Sus suya lang ka.. Ay pag buot diha, ky iya ng gusto😂😂

        • miajane ghale YT
          miajane ghale YT  4 weeks back

          Dili sa kwarta brad...hangol sa dungog...

      • Maniac _15
        Maniac _15  4 weeks back

        Thnks for this vid. Because of this i have something to wrote down on my english journalistic ^__^

        • kid brag
          kid brag  4 weeks back

          round 7 to 12 the age is showing. Power is there but speed and stamina in the later round not the same anymore

          • Eunisi Torres
            Eunisi Torres  4 weeks back

            No me perdia las peleas de mani paquiao !!!! 👋👋👋👋👍👍👍👍👍

            • Frank Turtle Luck
              Frank Turtle Luck  1 months back

              Yes you can still fight and you won. But you should retire for your own safety and for your health. Pac clearly showed that he really aged during this fight. He look washed out and tired during the middle of the fight. He absorb punches from a very slow Thurman and was not able to dodge it the.way he used to. Time to hang those cleto reyes gloves.

              • Ryan Newton
                Ryan Newton  4 weeks back

                meh ur not in there its his life

              • Laurence Giovanni Baylon
                Laurence Giovanni Baylon  4 weeks back

                @Brandon Cartagena i think he can still fight spence not crawford. we all know that thurman is as dangerous as crawford and spence and he was even more dangerous in his fight with pacquiao.

              • Brandon Cartagena
                Brandon Cartagena  1 months back

                Well that same guy just beat Keith I think pac vs Danny Garcia would be a GD fight .but fight error Spence our Crawford it's not a GD fight for Manny he will get hurt but I think he can beat Danny Garcia... And if he is smart let Spence and Crawford fight first then fight the winner which I'm picking Spence for all the belts and if he can pull a miracle and beat Spence at 42 then he will be the goat . But Spence will be his toughest fight might just brain damage but if he wins have all the belts at that age that's destiny.. still he's going down as 1 of the greatest of all time