#GameOfThrones Series Finale Recap

  • Published: 20 May 2019
  • Support the stream: streamlabs.com/rhap Game of Thrones is back for it's final season, and the SNOW-IT-ALLS Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back LIVE after the HBO series finale. Then, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler will be back on Tuesday for the Feedback show, so please feel free to send in your questions for them.
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  • Brendan Fechter
    Brendan Fechter  3 months back

    Bran is dead below the waist. He can't have children.

    • Kate VD
      Kate VD  3 months back

      I suggest you leave the internet

      • Kate VD
        Kate VD  3 months back

        You two need to get your dicks cut off because you should not spread your terrible seed to another

        • RealBillyGarcia
          RealBillyGarcia  3 months back

          King Crow is now the King beyond the wall like Mance Rayner was.

          • Z2287
            Z2287  3 months back

            At least Dany died. I wanted Arya to kill the dragon and Jon to kill Greyworm.

            • fraffa
              fraffa  3 months back

              2 water bottles in the episode. One by Sam's chair and one by Davos. I suppose that it is important to keep hydrated when you choose a new ruler

              • Tree Whit
                Tree Whit  3 months back

                I get that it was probably hot especially in all those clothes but give them water in a cup. It's not that hard.

            • Tubered
              Tubered  3 months back

              The Worst Ending In Television History. Good Luck To STAR WARS Fans, My The Force Be With You All, Cause You Will Need It Big Time To Survive D&D And The Destruction & Ruin Of STAR WARS Thier Next Project Like They Destroyed & Ruined GoT.

              • Cameron Schiff
                Cameron Schiff  3 months back

                It was underwhelming, but this was so far from the worst ever its not even funny

            • Walid
              Walid  3 months back

              11:10 in the context of the show, or Westeros & Essos, no Sam didn't invent democracy : The Night's Watch have democraticaly elected its leader for centuries and Dany ask the unsullied to do the same... so it's not something new, like out of the blue... (for Kings it is of course).

              • Reini Jaquez
                Reini Jaquez  3 months back

                Lol jon snow got past drogon by giving him almonds

                • Abigail
                  Abigail  3 months back

                  Lowkey didn't like the Starks at the end

                  • The Qac
                    The Qac  3 months back

                    Still better than Survivor 38 finale.

                    • Thomas McNeilly
                      Thomas McNeilly  3 months back

                      I can see them rebooting the series when the actors go short for cash. They left it open that way. I can also see Dany getting resurrected.

                      • RV Life
                        RV Life  3 months back

                        Im such a weirdo. Never even watch the show but loved your recaps.

                        • The Qac
                          The Qac  3 months back

                          Check also: The Critical Drinker.

                      • HFG
                        HFG  3 months back

                        The writers were pisspoor and should stick with only directing other people’s written work. Thanks Snow-It-Alls for an awesome aftershow!!

                      • lagofala
                        lagofala  3 months back

                        Not sure why so many people want mass cullings of the cast.

                        • Shane Appleby
                          Shane Appleby  3 months back

                          Ironically i have loved his podcast for so long but found your summation of the last few episodes so ill informed, weak and populist. Sit back and think of the big picture of what has happened.

                          • Shane Appleby
                            Shane Appleby  3 months back

                            @Will Bourge Fair point. However many post show podcasts I have heard bagging his season have angered me to the point I found myself stared at by train passengers looking at me after I'm screaming out loud, 'she is the mother of dragons and just lost her child'. How can people not see this? What would you do if you lost your child?

                          • Will Bourge
                            Will Bourge  3 months back

                            Shane Appleby they do it right after the episode, not giving them any time to process what they’ve just seen.

                        • Eve Green
                          Eve Green  3 months back

                          For me, Dany's character is absolutely ruined. I cannot agree with the outcome. She wanted the iron throne not for herself or her family (like Cersei). She wanted to free slaves and do justice for all ordinary people. So she could not decide to murder innocent people. Instead, she should've burn just Cersei's tower to the ground. Also, I could not help but to wander why both queens are pictured as over-emotional, not rational women who suddenly loose their ability to think straight in stressful situations...

                          • Unconsciouzone
                            Unconsciouzone  3 months back

                            Well, the rumor about them shooting multiple endings is confirmed.
                            Apparently they used all of them.

                            • Ankit Israni
                              Ankit Israni  3 months back

                              High Expectations can't be an excuse for this season....Avengers:Endgame had unrealistic expectations as well and it delivered

                              • jabberwagon
                                jabberwagon  3 months back

                                @Matt Hydra people complain about everything. It's the ratios that matter, and it seems to be Endgame has made a lot more people happy than unhappy.

                              • Matt Hydra
                                Matt Hydra  3 months back

                                People are complaining about Avengers too.

                            • Jason Bronson
                              Jason Bronson  3 months back

                              The writing in season 7 and 8 was terrible. HBO should of put the show on hold until the books came out to continue the series. The writers were doing great at adapting the books but were horrific at creating a story without the books to go by.

                              • reelkena
                                reelkena  3 months back

                                @Jason Bronson you mean, the thing GRRM said was total bullshit the day after Selmy said it?

                              • Jason Bronson
                                Jason Bronson  3 months back

                                @reelkena Supposedly books 7 and 8 are done and GRRM was told to wait to release them by HBO until after the show was done since they had already been filmed. I'm guessing we'll see book 7 released shortly with book 8 shortly after.

                              • reelkena
                                reelkena  3 months back

                                the year is 2034, the brain of GRRM is in a jar in a futurama style room trying to use a stenographer to get him to finish book 7. We are still waiting for season 7. Nice plan.

                            • Stephanie Tardif-Bennett
                              Stephanie Tardif-Bennett  3 months back

                              Disappointing episode from hbo but a satisfying rhap ep. hit a bunch of great points here

                              • Will Bourge
                                Will Bourge  3 months back

                                Stephanie Tardif-Bennett long live rhap!

                            • zz xw
                              zz xw  3 months back

                              Not the best writing, but given the previous episodes , i think it s not bad.

                              • RealBillyGarcia
                                RealBillyGarcia  3 months back

                                Everyone was so preoccupied with who would succeed Cersei as King/Queen and sit on the iron throne it never occurred to anyone that the REAL question was who would succeed Mance Rayder as the king beyond the wall. Ha. A certain someone did know something after all.

                              • Beautishka
                                Beautishka  3 months back

                                thumbs the f down !!!!!!!!! worst ending wtf ?? Disney ending much ??

                                • Matt Allen
                                  Matt Allen  3 months back

                                  I thought it was shockingly terrible. Truly awful.

                              • Anthony. S
                                Anthony. S  3 months back

                                What a Trainwreck!