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  • Math Davies
    Math Davies  11 months back

    Didn't enjoy it , it was like taxi driver but nothing like it all the same time! I loved taxi driver but this seemed to be copying it's format but it just didn't deliver at all , how is it getting such amazing reviews?! And why the screen size so narrow

    • rg31404
      rg31404  1 years back

      Came for Spurgeon type biopic. Disappointed. (j/k)

      • Oh My!
        Oh My!  1 years back

        Like this film or else, amiright?

        • Derek Fisher
          Derek Fisher  1 years back

          I find it funny that these heretical fake religious movies can always find a way to blame God or Gods plan but never once mention Satan and Satan's plan and our sins which the Bible clearly tells us is the cause for everything going on these days. It's almost like these filmmakers don't actually read the Bible yet can make an entire movie about how its all God's fault using sellout Hellywood celebs as preachers. DISLIKE!!

          • Pac_0
            Pac_0  2 months back

            Against God? On the contrary. This movie is criticising the church for staying away from God and turning into a cult of Mammon. How it has become corrupted into doing the bidding of corporate interests.

          • Pac_0
            Pac_0  2 months back


          • Milo Cunningham
            Milo Cunningham  7 months back

            Derek Fisher you probably like “God’s Not Dead” lol

          • MetallicMonkey
            MetallicMonkey  7 months back

            Shut up you fanatic, some of us have enough brain left to enjoy a movie for what it is: art.

          • Corben VanSchoonhoven
            Corben VanSchoonhoven  12 months back


        • Arun Singh
          Arun Singh  1 years back

          Paul is love. Thank you @A24