UNDISPUTED | LeBron reportedly to play PG after missing playoffs for 1st time since '05


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  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis  1 months back

    He can do this in the playoffs not thru the whole regular season. This is why the dumbfuck lakers brask should go after CP3

    • Marlo Affical
      Marlo Affical  1 months back

      Why Shannon don’t mention Kobe; Kobe a legend with those guys

      • jlowrey68
        jlowrey68  1 months back

        Haha Beverly gonna full court press LeBron if he tries to play point. Haha what a joke

        • Darren R
          Darren R  1 months back

          “Limp it to him Wince” 😂😂

          • Brenden Knight
            Brenden Knight  1 months back

            You know skip beat off to that blooper video

            • Bob Davis
              Bob Davis  1 months back

              Kawhis move balanced out the league. #Sneaky Pete

              • Endro
                Endro  1 months back

                This year finna be the best season of all time

                • Endro
                  Endro  1 months back

                  @ROB PARKER 😂😂

                • ROB PARKER
                  ROB PARKER  1 months back

                  Endro Facts duo's like the 90s can't wait 😂😂😂😂

              • Deshaun Jett
                Deshaun Jett  1 months back

                If we didnt COUNT the win in Cleveland.. When would be the last time LEBRON won a TITLE :-\ #VeryVeryLongTimeAgo lol
                I guess it's a goodthing he did :-P

                • Laszlo Kiss
                  Laszlo Kiss  1 months back

                  if jordan had played today in the social media era hed get demolished also would have been nice to see jordan make a defensive team without hand checking and all the other rules that benefited the defensive side of the game and his most famous shot was a pushoff dont ever forget that people say the league is weak now compared to those days i completely disagree the rules make it to where you must be skillful basketball was just bully ball way less skill was needed to be a great player as opposed to today

                • The Message
                  The Message  1 months back

                  Deshaun Jett

                  why so serious???

                  Lmfaoo nigga lebron BEAT the 73-9 warriors.
                  Yall talking about WHAT IFS. 😂😂😂

                  Niggas love talking about what ifs

                • Deshaun Jett
                  Deshaun Jett  1 months back

                  @The Message WHY SO SERIOUS??? :-)

                • The Message
                  The Message  1 months back

                  Life aint about what ifs... its about FACTS.

              • Los Dooley
                Los Dooley  1 months back

                Skip bring up space jam like Michael Jordan ain’t start the shyt lol 😂

                • On Cap Gaming
                  On Cap Gaming  1 months back

                  I know y’all remember what boogie did to Jokic last time!! Just like ol shay says

                  • Gouravpreet Sangha
                    Gouravpreet Sangha  1 months back

                    Fuck this old ass mf skip baeless lol fucking hater

                    • ROB PARKER
                      ROB PARKER  1 months back

                      Gouravpreet Sangha he was pettie for the the beginning 😂😂😂😂

                  • Francisco Castillo
                    Francisco Castillo  1 months back

                    Jordan and Brady best of all time under pressure not only that they ve made comebacks w vengeance in a season lets see what lebron does

                    • shaabo Squeezy
                      shaabo Squeezy  1 months back

                      LeBron cameback from a 3-1 deficient on a 73-9 team... Lol! And you wanna talk comebacks?

                    • Laszlo Kiss
                      Laszlo Kiss  1 months back

                      @Josh Kabler facts

                    • Josh Kabler
                      Josh Kabler  1 months back

                      Haha what pressure was MJ ever under?

                  • LeDouché James
                    LeDouché James  1 months back

                    You pay rent!😂😂😂

                    • silent
                      silent  1 months back

                      lmao #2 haha