England's 'rollercoaster' Cricket World Cup journey


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  • Guardian Sport
    Guardian Sport   1 months back

    England win Cricket World Cup after super-over drama against New Zealand ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/14/england-new-zealand-cricket-world-cup-final-match-report-super-over

      AKSHAY GANESH  4 weeks back

      If Ben Stokes had played for NZ, NZ definitely would have dominated the tournament and won the final with ease

      • Rajive Sunny
        Rajive Sunny  4 weeks back

        2018 : its coming home
        2019 : Not Football , Cricket World Cup 😂

        • Raihan Uddin
          Raihan Uddin  1 months back

          I was about to die.

          • nehapriya sahay
            nehapriya sahay  1 months back

            England London won world Cup
            I am so happy.

            • Nagesh V
              Nagesh V  1 months back

              In coming years ICC may curtail ones, twos,and threes by instead they introduce 7s 8s 9s. What a bloody rules killed New-Zealands cup but not theirs heart...mad ICC..

              • Abdul Ahad
                Abdul Ahad  1 months back

                I love englend by bangladesh.

                • Abdul Ahad
                  Abdul Ahad  1 months back

                  I love englend.

                  • Rahul Singh
                    Rahul Singh  1 months back

                    Ben stokes deserves sir and lord title...i request to England parliament give him knighthood....big fan of ben stokes....

                    • Elijah Craig
                      Elijah Craig  1 months back

                      Not a cricket fan at all...I'm an MLB fan but congratulations England. Well done.

                      • Mr. Perfect
                        Mr. Perfect  4 weeks back

                        @mercury football sucks

                      • mercury
                        mercury  4 weeks back

                        How can someone watch boring baseball.... Plz explain 🤔🤔... Football is better....

                      • Nav Rhy
                        Nav Rhy  1 months back

                        If you can sit through baseball, I think you’ll find cricket watchable. Take it from another fellow American that watches cricket.

                      • Datta kirti
                        Datta kirti  1 months back

                        Give it a try to crickrt. You will really love it especially T20 cricket

                    • Dragon Saviour
                      Dragon Saviour  1 months back

                      I think men in blue won 😉

                      • Rock tv
                        Rock tv  1 months back

                        Virat kohli anyone can beat anyone on the day and we were beaten by newzealand

                        • Priya priya
                          Priya priya  1 months back

                          This is not fair. New Zealand is equal winner. I really don't like the rule of the team scoring the maximum boundaries winning a tied match. ICC should change the rules. Bakwas rules

                          • Vergil
                            Vergil  4 weeks back

                            Indians are just jealous that why they didn't won the world Cup.. If same scenario would have happened with India being in England's place, same Indians would be yelling that rules are

                          • Gaz Roberts
                            Gaz Roberts  1 months back

                            I bet you weren't complaining about the rules before the match?

                          • Priya priya
                            Priya priya  1 months back

                            @Sadananda Patel I am just giving my opinion just like you. No body asked you.

                          • Sadananda Patel
                            Sadananda Patel  1 months back

                            The same rules are used in ipl nobody has said anything back then why now ?

                          • Sadananda Patel
                            Sadananda Patel  1 months back

                            who asked you salty fellow Indian ? Cricket was all time low in England. Hope now some young kids will choose cricket along with football there after this.

                        • rishu bhargav
                          rishu bhargav  1 months back

                          This is not fair

                        • Afnan Affu
                          Afnan Affu  1 months back

                          Best captain in the world Williamson overtroww 6runs turning point good luck england

                          • rajesh
                            rajesh  1 months back

                            Imagine getting the world cup after so many years...........

                            • Gaz Roberts
                              Gaz Roberts  1 months back

                              It's only been going since 1975. This was only the 12th ever Cup Final.

                          • hudaman '
                            hudaman '  1 months back


                            • syed azeem
                              syed azeem  1 months back

                              India walau ku sabaq dikhu kaisa jeet ka lay kay gaye world cup England bhut khub khila hai England walau nai lust tak b har nai many