Joe Rogan | Was Tarantino's Bruce Lee Scene Based on Real Life??


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  • benblexbenblex
    benblexbenblex  5 hours back

    Rogan was right. Tarantino disrespected.

    • Alex Man
      Alex Man  7 hours back

      That movie is dirty
      Bruce lee fans the whole world never happy
      About that..the movie makers needs to kill like he did fucking disrespecting.

      • Robert Torres
        Robert Torres  8 hours back

        Tarantino has made a career of emasculating non-white males.

        • Rick Occonnell
          Rick Occonnell  9 hours back

          Why is Joe Rogan being an imbecile? Bruce Lee would have killed lebel. Bruce Lee was the baddest man on planet when alive. Who does Rogan think he's kidding?

          • Dave Graham
            Dave Graham  13 hours back

            Are we ignoring the title of the film here?

            • Wrathofkala
              Wrathofkala  1 days back

              I love it when someone basically argues that because someone was bigger they would destroy a smaller person YET in all my life I've actually only seen little tough guys beat up bigger guys. Now granted, I haven't seen a ton of really tough larger men fight really tough smaller men but my point is this. The man with the bigger heart, skill, and toughness will win regardless of size.

              • Wrathofkala
                Wrathofkala  1 days back

                Gene said himself : He was the best martial artist of his time.

                • Rick Occonnell
                  Rick Occonnell  9 hours back

                  Gene lebel knows Bruce Lee was his superior, although he probably don't like to admit it.
                  Joe Rogan pretending to think gene could beat Lee. Gene also pretends to think he'd beat Lee most likely. PRETEND being operative word

              • The Voice of Reason
                The Voice of Reason  1 days back

                Joe " the manson murderers were fine people who wanted to have a good time" Rogan

                • Salt-Upon-Wounds
                  Salt-Upon-Wounds  1 days back

                  so everybody was Kung Fu fighting afterall...

                  • rodel o
                    rodel o  2 days back

                    rogan used to laugh about bruce lee that he even thought he was only an actor and phony martial artists

                    • indywannabbee
                      indywannabbee  1 days back

                      Joe Rogan is a hater who knows Lee was toughest man of his time

                  • Timothy Wu
                    Timothy Wu  2 days back

                    Gene Lebell a fucking gorilla?? We have all seen the match of Gene fighting a retired boxer, who was also much smaller than him, but was Gene really as good as what Joe Rogan claimed?

                    • indywannabbee
                      indywannabbee  2 days back

                      Bruce lee wouldve wiped the floor with lebel. Gene lebel knows that so why is Joe Rogan trying to make out he don't know?

                  • CO8izm
                    CO8izm  2 days back

                    That was just in Cliff Booth's imagination while he was on the roof fixing the antena

                  • Hardrock
                    Hardrock  2 days back

                    So Labelle, who Joe describes as a Bear of a man, could do in Bruce, who was much smaller, no problem. Interesting, so that would be a fair match then, I think we need to get rid of those meaningless weight categories pronto. It would make all those fights so much more interesting.
                    I started in 57 and I can tell you that there were very few whites involved in martial arts in comparison to the early seventies and now. So winning a Judo competition at that time, 1955, although commendable. There would be a much smaller pool of competitors in comparison to today. Winning today, would be a much bigger honor with the high concentration of talented Judo practitioners that did not exist in 1955. And weight classes at that time, because there were fewer competitors, they were not too strict about adhering to them. So you could be in a lighter weight class and competing against a heavyweight.
                    Instead of comparing Bruce and his probability of winning fights against Godzilla, King Kong and big hairy, mean mouthed heavyweights, that other heavyweights can't beat. How about comparing his abilities to other individuals that are of his weight class and size. Assuming there is anyone like that. Either way we will never know the outcome. But the infantile speculation will give all of you, that are happy to disrespect a dead Icon some opportunity to put Bruce down. He did more than most to further the popularity of martial arts and martial arts in movies. But there never seems to be any shortage of those that say he is a hero to them, then they put him down. When all of you that are in that category go to the big Dojo in the sky, I hope Bruce kicks you all the way to Hell.

                    • indywannabbee
                      indywannabbee  2 days back

                      Bruce Lee would have made light work of lebel in real fight. Lebel knows that even if he won't like to admit it being a bigger guy and all that. Joe Rogan knows it.

                  • p0479
                    p0479  2 days back

                    Tom is such a geek.

                    • Dooley Versus
                      Dooley Versus  2 days back

                      Bruce Lee is known to have been an arrogant showboat that knew what is public image was and did all he could to play it up.

                      • jimmie bullitt
                        jimmie bullitt  2 days back

                        I think the dent in the car tells a different story!!

                        • SweetDaddyBarron78
                          SweetDaddyBarron78  2 days back

                          That fool did confuse everybody!!!!! I thought he was talking of the real person too

                          • indywannabbee
                            indywannabbee  2 days back

                            Joe Rogan so dopey. Bruce Lee would have killed lebel and lebel knows it. Won't want to admit it though. The whole world knows that, so who's Joe really trying to kid?
                            Bruce had aura of invincibility. Gene was just a big tough guy. They're a dime a dozen.
                            Wake up Joe Rogan, stop the hating!

                            • Rick Occonnell
                              Rick Occonnell  8 hours back

                              Gene so knows bruce lee was his superior. Even though bruce would beat gene without much discernable effort. Gene will hate admitting that

                          • jay lee
                            jay lee  2 days back

                            Joe knows it all smh lol

                            • Randal Wung
                              Randal Wung  2 days back

                              So Bruce trained and exchanged ideas with a LOT of people over his lifetime, but only a handful can say they actually taught him. A big part of that was the fact he picked stuff up so damn quickly. Dudes would say, "You show Bruce something once and next time you see him he's doing it better than you and has four or five variations on it." One kung fu guy was supposed to teach him his system in exchange for cha-cha lessons, and he didn't learn shit about cha-cha because in a week Bruce learned everything the guy knew, lol. Anyway, one of the few people who truly DID teach the Little Dragon a thing or two, and probably, at least in the beginning, would've tied him in fucking knots, was Judo Gene. Respect.

                              • Dee-Bee Kooper
                                Dee-Bee Kooper  2 days back

                                I was a skinny kid but really wiry and played soccer for 20 years... studied Judo for 15 years as well and it helped SO much to take in much bigger guys on the soccer field and has served me well over the years since.

                                • blkcandywarez
                                  blkcandywarez  3 days back

                                  The Bruce Lee cultists get so triggered over any criticism of their god. Even when the criticism is in a daydream scene in a fictional movie.

                                  • AudioAndroid
                                    AudioAndroid  3 days back

                                    Quentin Tarantino's Movies all take place in a Alternate Universe, this is a proven fact so the Characters in his Movies are and aren't the same Characters that we have come to Know and Love or Hate in ours. So this Bruce Lee in Quentins Universe may have travelled a different path then the one in our Universe took, so maybe the choices he made to get to this point that we see him in Quentin Tarantino's movie caused him to be arrogant or cocky. This isn't our Bruce Lee, it's the Bruce Lee that smokes Red Apple Cigarettes, and our Wise and Humble Bruce Lee is still Safe and Sound in our Universe in the Hearts and Minds of so many who have learned and are still learning from his Teachings and Wisdom that he has giving us through out his Life.

                                    • Ray Kim
                                      Ray Kim  3 days back

                                      Joe and no one on the set has read the recent book that came out on Bruce Lee.

                                      • Allen Carrera
                                        Allen Carrera  3 days back

                                        "Once Upon A Time" was so bad, that this Bruce Lee shit is the most interesting thing to talk about from that movie.

                                        • Marcus Ancona
                                          Marcus Ancona  3 days back

                                          Bruce lee taught everybody to fuckin dodge and move. Hes the goat. He was the first recognized to open his mind on different styles. And he just had ties to hollywood to mainstream it. Huge Bruce lee fan. He still the goat in my eyes

                                        • Shahid Hussain Syed
                                          Shahid Hussain Syed  3 days back

                                          Get Tarantino Joe!

                                          • stephane Charbonneau
                                            stephane Charbonneau  3 days back

                                            What is this movie ?

                                            • Brennan Brown
                                              Brennan Brown  3 days back

                                              It was about Cliff Booth’s (Pitt’s character) opinion about Bruce Lee if he would’ve been on set with him, not Tarantino’s opinion of him. I’m assuming when he wrote that he was suggesting that stunt men back in those days probably looked at Bruce Lee and thought they could kick his ass when they couldn’t.

                                              • Walter Evans
                                                Walter Evans  3 days back

                                                BOLLOCKS.....If it was REAL LIFE Bruce would have DESTROYED Le Belle...... With REAL JKD Bruce would have used the RANGE ADVANTAGE a Long sword HEEL KICK to Smash Le Belle's KNEECAP before he could get a hold of Bruce to use his size & strength advantage & Le Belle would have been rolling around on the floor IN AGONY....Did you ever SEE the POWER & SPEED SUDDEN NESS of Bruce's Knee stomps ???...With his reps leverage power they could snap a tree trunk....& Size & strength advantage wouldn't have mattered with soft targets like that....Don't confuse what Bruce did on the Screen for entertainment for what he was ACTUALLY developing for reality.

                                                • indywannabbee
                                                  indywannabbee  2 days back

                                                  Bruce would have killed lebel and lebel knows it. Won't like to admit it though.

                                                • Mm Mmm
                                                  Mm Mmm  3 days back

                                                  Joecdoesnt realize Labelle greatly respects Lee. They learned from each other.

                                              • axisguitarguru
                                                axisguitarguru  3 days back

                                                Tarantino has an axe to grind?
                                                Django Unchained was heavily censored after been banned in Chinese cinemas.
                                                And more of his movies were banned and censored in China so maybe for him a motivation to get even and vent his frustration on a beloved chinese cinematic icon.
                                                Just my two cents.

                                                • visit my playlist
                                                  visit my playlist  4 days back

                                                  In his wife's autobiography, she said bruce got cocky, and Tarantino knew several people who knew him personally, and didn't try to tell everyone the facade that must late/great people get. They told the truth, bruce could be hotheaded and cocky. Isnt cliff a fictional guy anyways lol

                                                • gasho 69
                                                  gasho 69  4 days back

                                                  Joe rogan should have all the top martial artist in fear factor.

                                                  • Aaron Rudd
                                                    Aaron Rudd  4 days back

                                                    Here’s the thing you have to remember... QT made Kill Bill films with a lot of martial artist that knew Bruce Lee. So I have NO DOUBT he was told these things about Lee. And Tarantino isn’t gonna throw those guys under the bus when approached about it.

                                                    • adam gould
                                                      adam gould  4 days back

                                                      No fucking way would that clown have beaten Bruce Lee , he was unbeatable, had the fastest twitch fibres of any man !!!

                                                      • Agostini H
                                                        Agostini H  4 days back

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                                                        • doctor creepy
                                                          doctor creepy  4 days back

                                                          He totally disrespected Bruce Lee.

                                                          • Dom Se
                                                            Dom Se  4 days back

                                                            Bad film in general... if it wasent tarantino and those actors i think almost everybody would say its not so good... people are star shocked in my opinion 🙄

                                                            • Dom Se
                                                              Dom Se  3 days back

                                                              @visit my playlist im not speaking about that scene... it was funny... but film in general was... lets say 4 out of 10, tarantino is in my eyes 8 or 9 of 10... in that sense

                                                            • visit my playlist
                                                              visit my playlist  4 days back

                                                              It did very well in the box office, and generally a great movie. One scene that is accurate got you mad?

                                                          • souris verte
                                                            souris verte  4 days back

                                                            tarantino overated ,,,sooo overated,,,cant even make a realastic movie

                                                            • Gary Bonner
                                                              Gary Bonner  4 days back

                                                              I think Bruce might have came unstuck in the octagon against kabib

                                                              • Omar Sade
                                                                Omar Sade  4 days back

                                                                Lightning fast jabs to the eyes swift kicks to ya slow ass gorillias nutts hes done.

                                                                • Todd Johnson
                                                                  Todd Johnson  4 days back

                                                                  god I love Joe...they were friends.

                                                                  • Janne Kinturi
                                                                    Janne Kinturi  4 days back

                                                           watch listen this..truth about Bruce Lee..Joe Rogan! Watch this with thought. Bonus

                                                                    • Bam margera updates Subscribe

                                                                      I guarantee gene labelle trained Bruce lee with bar. Yeah well we don’t believe your fairytales Joe making things up as you go along rogan

                                                                      • Kev_ Bot
                                                                        Kev_ Bot  3 days back

                                                                        Bam margera updates Subscribe why do you wanna suck lees dick all the time

                                                                    • Maverick Rhodes
                                                                      Maverick Rhodes  4 days back

                                                                      Joe, DMT'n Gene Le Bell dk

                                                                      • BILL Gurr
                                                                        BILL Gurr  4 days back

                                                                        For God's sake ... bring someone who actually met Bruce LEE

                                                                        • iorekby
                                                                          iorekby  4 days back

                                                                          Problem there my friend is that guys like Chuck and Dan were really good friends with Bruce, and basically owe their careers to Bruce. They're both nice guys too (met Dan, never met Chuck but by all accounts a nice man).

                                                                          So, they're not exactly going to come on and go "Yeah, my really good friend Bruce? The guy who gave me these amazing opportunities which changed my life forever? Nah, he couldn't actually fight and he was kind of a jerk a lot of the time".

                                                                          I'd still like to hear their perspectives, but they're just that: perspectives with heavy bias.

                                                                      • Himank K.D.
                                                                        Himank K.D.  4 days back

                                                                        Remember the time Brad Pitt got scared shitless after Mike Tyson saw him with his then-girlfriend ? Yeah, this guy probably sucks when it comes to actual fighting.

                                                                        • iorekby
                                                                          iorekby  4 days back

                                                                          @Himank K.D.
                                                                          Not really. For starters, Jeet Kune Do isn't a martial art. It's a concept.

                                                                          Secondly, simply inventing a martial art doesn't make you a fighter. People mock Aikido for it's lack of application in a fight. Just because someone invented Aikido doesn't mean they can fight. In fact the founder didn't want Aikido to be a fighting art, yet it's still a "martial art".

                                                                          Websters defines a fighter as: "someone who fights". Bruce Lee may or may not have fought anyone, we just have anecdote. He never fought in public though, hence it's all speculation. Maybe he could fight. Maybe he couldn't.

                                                                        • Himank K.D.
                                                                          Himank K.D.  4 days back

                                                                          @iorekby But at the same time, he literally invented a martial art, 'Jeet Kune Do', which finds some application in MMA, too.

                                                                        • iorekby
                                                                          iorekby  4 days back

                                                                          He's an actor though. He never pretended to be a fighter. Like Chael Sonnen says, if you're a true blue fighter you do combat sports like MMA or Boxing. If you're a "wimp", you become an actor. That's sort of why some fight fans are dubious about Bruce Lee. He chose to be an actor and not a professional fighter.

                                                                      • Nana Mensah
                                                                        Nana Mensah  5 days back

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