Five die in New York helicopter crash - BBC News


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  • Aye Min
    Aye Min  2 months back

    Misfortunate and disasters can strike at anytime. We should never take life for granted. We never know when it will be taken away from us without warning esp. in these violent and uncertain times. We are all destined to die the day we are born. This is life. May the victims of the crash all RIP.

    • Benjamin Miles
      Benjamin Miles  1 years back

      Why not show the actual crash? 1930's people handled the Hindenburg disaster footage, but in 2018 we can handle this? PATHETIC!

      • Sam Schoo
        Sam Schoo  1 years back

        I was literally in this thing a week ago

        • shitmanidontknow
          shitmanidontknow  1 years back

          Now I know.

          • OKUDA
            OKUDA  1 years back

            MURICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Coeus 2.0
              Coeus 2.0  1 years back

              BBC hacks will try and blame this on Trump and/or climate change soon .....

              • # OTF
                # OTF  1 years back

                Nothing new

                • pablo9364
                  pablo9364  1 years back

                  Sad that the fake news BBC are reporting such a serious event.

                  • TohaNY
                    TohaNY  1 years back

                    Bad day... Rest In Peace.

                    • Number1HockeyPlaya
                      Number1HockeyPlaya  1 years back

                      Saw this live. Sad.

                      • VINYLHOTEL
                        VINYLHOTEL  1 years back


                        • bujjikids drawing & coloring

                          Oh my god

                          • Ray Paw
                            Ray Paw  1 years back

                            Did u guys hear about the three people that died in a fire in rensslear New York and the kid goes to my school😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭rest in peace

                            • Attack Helicopter
                              Attack Helicopter  1 years back


                              • ZeroZero One
                                ZeroZero One  1 years back

                                Yawn. FU actors.

                                • Jazz Santorini
                                  Jazz Santorini  1 years back

                                  Omg but how wtf happened

                                  • Jalen Stafford
                                    Jalen Stafford  1 years back

                                    Nickie Yonkers It could've been an engine failure.

                                • Math Jack
                                  Math Jack  1 years back

                                  1. What was their destination? (routine routes taken by tour company)
                                  2. Who was on board?
                                  3. What was wrong with the helicopter / pilot?
                                  4. What procedure did the pilot take to escape, which was not available to the other 5?

                                • James Grey
                                  James Grey  1 years back

                                  remote control hijacking

                                • Chris
                                  Chris  1 years back

                                  Did they drown or suffer from hypothermia?

                                • Robert moss
                                  Robert moss  1 years back

                                  they should of opened the doors before hitting the water

                                  • Marcus Aurelius
                                    Marcus Aurelius  1 years back


                                  • Judensau
                                    Judensau  1 years back

                                    +Robert moss ..Actually that is part of the ditching procedure if you can do it

                                • Phd Craven Moorehead
                                  Phd Craven Moorehead  1 years back

                                  Where do they find these stupid eye witnesses at? Some lame crisis acting dropouts man. No proof or evidence of anything whatsoever taking place. Just the mainstream media propaganda machine narratives

                                  • Jalen Stafford
                                    Jalen Stafford  1 years back

                                    There was video footage of the aftermath and crash dumb dipshit.

                                  • Diego Alvarez
                                    Diego Alvarez  1 years back

                                    What the hells wrong with you?

                                • ThumbsUpMan
                                  ThumbsUpMan  1 years back

                                  died because of the cold.

                                  • Jalen Stafford
                                    Jalen Stafford  1 years back

                                    l337pwnage You are a moron, seatbelts can get jammed due to a hard crash like that...and they died because of hypothermia coldness

                                  • l337pwnage
                                    l337pwnage  1 years back

                                    Or because they're too stupid to operate a seat belt.

                                • Nigel Evans
                                  Nigel Evans  1 years back

                                  Sad I know but if you know you going to be lading in water couldn't they atleast try jumping out before the initial crash

                                  • Silari Vinod
                                    Silari Vinod  1 years back

                                    Nigel Evans

                                  • Josiah McDaniel
                                    Josiah McDaniel  1 years back

                                    It was a doors off flight by flynyon so they were strapped in by harness the pilot wasnt strapped so he didnt drown like the others

                                  • John
                                    John  1 years back

                                    Nigel Evans And get hit by the blades?

                                  • Jjkhjgkjhkjb hgjhghnjn
                                    Jjkhjgkjhkjb hgjhghnjn  1 years back

                                    Dying in a submerging heli vs freezing in cold water. I choose 2nd.

                                  • Judensau
                                    Judensau  1 years back

                                    + nigel evans .. don't comment on something you know obviously nothing about ..its not like how it is in your favourite hollywood movie ..dumb fuck

                                • No Name
                                  No Name  1 years back

                                  Stop Importing "MADE IN CHINA"!
                                  I now understand why President Trump announce tariff on Steel and other Chinese Product, all world country should do the same!

                                  • Heather Larson
                                    Heather Larson  1 years back

                                    If this had happened in China, they would have said: shitty helicopter "made in china", or shitty asian drivers.

                                  • Marshall Mathers
                                    Marshall Mathers  1 years back

                                    What are you talking about?

                                • ParrotYee
                                  ParrotYee  1 years back

                                  Happy Mother’s Day

                                • Deductions
                                  Deductions  1 years back

                                  the pilot should be charged with manslaughter

                                  • JK Wright
                                    JK Wright  2 months back

                                    The pilots dead what you expect a cop to do Take the corpse downtown or something. I doubt corpse would care But if I was a cellmate I probably launch a major complaint to whoever is in charge on why I am sharing my cell with decaying corpse

                                  • Craig Sips
                                    Craig Sips  1 years back

                                    Would that make you feel better?

                                  • l337pwnage
                                    l337pwnage  1 years back

                                    +Deductions actually, one of the idiot passengers hit the fuel shutoff. Darwin awards all around.

                                  • Judensau
                                    Judensau  1 years back

                                    + Deductions your sibling parents should not have conceived you

                                  • Jalen Stafford
                                    Jalen Stafford  1 years back

                                    Deductions Don't accuse the pilot unless he admitted to doing it, it could've just been an engine failure.

                                • Kyle Kue
                                  Kyle Kue  1 years back