Andy Ruiz Jr: 'Anthony Joshua is not good at boxing'


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  • Gracias Hermano
    Gracias Hermano  1 months back

    This dude talking like he undisputed or sumn. Hope he gets stretched and his 15 mins are cut short.

    • atvbass10
      atvbass10  1 months back

      Easy with the talk, Ruiz. You don’t want to loose your fans! I’m a huge fan but I don’t want to see you eat your own words man.

      • haider ahmadi
        haider ahmadi  2 months back

        keep disrespecting AJ, rematch will be totally different fight he will teach you how to be humble and respectful

        • King JackRII
          King JackRII  1 months back

          haider ahmadi 🤪🤪Ruiz will whoop his behind and make him crawl around the ring again.

      • Craig Needs
        Craig Needs  2 months back

        hopefully we get to see the ali shuffle vs the truffle shuffle

        • Nicola Kistler
          Nicola Kistler  2 months back

          Never heard so much nonsense.  AJ already sent 260 pounds of Ruiz flying through the canvas once. Factually (not literally: factually) flying. In the rematch, it's going to be Space-X: Ruiz will be the first human being sent beyond stratosphere, into outer space, and land on Mars. 

          Mark my words!

          • Cris Bonilla
            Cris Bonilla  1 weeks back

            ruiz was not even hurt more shocked, he took 2 big shot to the head like it was nothin immediately after

          • Jim Morrison
            Jim Morrison  3 weeks back


        • 2020corp
          2020corp  2 months back

          What a clown.. aj made you,, simple peasant

          • mr gwanson
            mr gwanson  2 months back

            its not even like aj was battering him and he got caught he knocked him all over the ring

            • Shark Boy
              Shark Boy  2 months back

              I like Andy and everything but just keep the talk to a minimum atm. You didn’t really knock him out cold or anything and that was probably the worst version of Anthony we’ve seen. So as you say you’ll be way fitter and more prepared for the rematch he probably will be too so yeah. Just enjoy the victory and stay humble

              • Shadrack Ofori Gyamfi
                Shadrack Ofori Gyamfi  2 months back

                Be mindful of your speech cos Aj fight best when he's provoked.
                Ruiz just keep the friendship that way till the rematch. Just advice ooooo

              • Glenroy Charles
                Glenroy Charles  2 months back

                You see, what Dillian White said about Anthony Joshua a few years ago is true, dillian did hurt joshua but lacked the STAMINA to keep up the onslought to put him away.

                • Cris Bonilla
                  Cris Bonilla  1 weeks back

                  @Don Julio they both are wilders meat

                • Don Julio
                  Don Julio  2 months back

                  Glenroy Charles Whyte landed a bomb but Whyte hit him a few other times but if u look at Whytes legs when he hit AJ u can tell he’s a bum too. He’ll be Wilder meat 🍖

              • Jbossthedon
                Jbossthedon  2 months back

                i see butterbean getting a big head huh

                • Ettore Bugatti
                  Ettore Bugatti  2 months back

                  This guy is getting boring already. Im not a big Joshua fan but this guy's ego is getting big. He needs somebody to make him humble again.

                  • Some Juan
                    Some Juan  2 months back

                    This is so funny those U.k fans are going to get pissed. Ha ha ha they are sensitive and will take it the wrong way. The U.k fans are going to put some major pressure on Aj take care of him remember your stories Shh PaniC AttaCk...

                    • Alonzo Jefferson
                      Alonzo Jefferson  2 months back

                      Ruiz is already getting full of himself. He better start training and get off this celebrity tour. This is going to be a different fight, you don't get to pick up where you left off in round 7. When a guy starts talking like it's going to be easy, he's setting himself up to lose. Winning the championship is the beginning, but Ruiz is acting like he crossed the finish line.

                      • Fidel Mercado
                        Fidel Mercado  2 months back

                        Start training? The rematch is in November... it's June.

                    • muzik
                      muzik  2 months back

                      Those who are getting pissed are just stupid. AJ is not a great boxer at all. He is only a great athlete with great power. Tyson in his prime would've probably killed him in the first round.

                      • Supreme Incorporated
                        Supreme Incorporated  2 months back

                        MemetMuzik 😂😬

                      • muzik
                        muzik  2 months back

                        @Supreme Incorporated Means he'll kill AJ in 5 😂

                      • Supreme Incorporated
                        Supreme Incorporated  2 months back

                        MemetMuzik Tyson in his prime would kill Ruiz in 10 seconds 😂🤦‍♂️

                    • Gita Thanki
                      Gita Thanki  2 months back

                      For a guy that can't box, he still put you on your backside!

                      • Fidel Mercado
                        Fidel Mercado  2 months back

                        @Alonzo Jefferson It appears we have common ground.

                      • Alonzo Jefferson
                        Alonzo Jefferson  2 months back

                        @Fidel Mercado Everybody has their own personal opinion. I have seen a lot of boxing and I don't perceive it that way. The fight needed to be stopped anyway. As a referee, you don't ask a concussed fighter if he wants to continue. Four knockdowns is plenty of information to conclude a stoppage of the fight is needed.

                      • Fidel Mercado
                        Fidel Mercado  2 months back

                        @Alonzo Jefferson He quit. He spit the mouth peice out, turned his back to the ref during the count, and failed to walk forward when the ref asked if he wanted to continue. That 2 second protest was for *VANITY* . To be fair he was probably buzzed, but he didn't want to continue.

                    • Kendrick Prasad
                      Kendrick Prasad  2 months back

                      Scripted moment to make more money

                      • michael tabor
                        michael tabor  2 months back

                        AJ lacks the cardio to stay away for 12. Ruiz did not even really attack the body until round 6, and stopped him in the 7th.

                      • Kaboom 214
                        Kaboom 214  2 months back

                        THE REAL ANDY RUIZ JR VS Anthony Joshua

                        • LEWIS
                          LEWIS  2 months back

                          0:46 lmao 😂😂😂😂

                          • GLTCH 12345
                            GLTCH 12345  2 months back

                            When did he say that???

                            • Aasim Liaz
                              Aasim Liaz  2 months back

                              lets be real AJ got beat by someone smaller, fatter, less reach and still lost. He didnt lose he got destroyed. And im an AJ fan

                              • Cris Bonilla
                                Cris Bonilla  1 weeks back

                                @GTR LIFE it was not 1 punch it was a sustained beating, and no 1 punch is not all it takes not everyone is like wilder or mike tyson

                              • mo diakite
                                mo diakite  3 weeks back

                                @GTR LIFE
                                It wasn't one punch tho.

                              • MajorTom
                                MajorTom  2 months back

                                Aasim Liaz....And much faster, with better boxing skills. Joshua is the most overrated heavyweight for years. He's way too slow, and the only person of note that he's beaten is a middle aged Klitschko, and even then it was very tight. AJ is a poser who spends too much time taking juice and trying to be a bodybuilder.

                            • Moghster
                              Moghster  2 months back

                              Why do they all behave like this after a big win its so cliched. Fucc off, AJ taking everything back and it's done...

                              • Some Juan
                                Some Juan  2 months back

                                Do you Aj fans even look in the mirror? Ruiz made history in many ways, it was not just a simple win. Uk fans till this day still down playing, you bunch of nancies.

                              • Jonathan Yeomans
                                Jonathan Yeomans  2 months back

                                @Will Singh you think he cant ?

                              • Will Singh
                                Will Singh  2 months back

                                So you think AJ can box?

                            • Carmen Arechiga
                              Carmen Arechiga  2 months back

                              Its true aj sucks

                              • Cris Bonilla
                                Cris Bonilla  1 weeks back

                                @Alonzo Jefferson he only faced bums of boxers who was past their prime, klitshko was like 42 years old, if he had defended against wilder or fury he would have lost belts much earlier

                              • Carmen Arechiga
                                Carmen Arechiga  2 months back

                                @Alonzo Jefferson your right but hes reached his limit

                              • Alonzo Jefferson
                                Alonzo Jefferson  2 months back

                                Joshua has done well. He didn't start boxing until age 18. He won a gold medal and the heavyweight championship. He successfully defended the title 6 times and made a ton of money. Most boxers can only dream of having his success.

                              • Kenny Katchka
                                Kenny Katchka  2 months back

                                War Antonio tarver vs Roy Jones in fight 2 tarver lost Glen Johnson his next fight out and never really amounted to anything

                              • Kenny Katchka
                                Kenny Katchka  2 months back

                                I don't know let's see if he's a one hit wonder like hasim Rahman vs. Lennox Lewis years ago

                            • Chad Fowlds
                              Chad Fowlds  2 months back

                              Wow the fame has gone to his head already. Andy what are you doing? Just digging my own grave :). I am happy he is talking smack I think AJ fighters better when people talk smack about him.

                              • Johnny Hardcore
                                Johnny Hardcore  2 months back

                                Hes not slagging AJ off hes saying hes not mobile enough to run

                                • nvmffs
                                  nvmffs  2 months back

                                  Actually he said the opposite. The only thing AJ can do is run

                              • MEIER HEIDI
                                MEIER HEIDI  2 months back

                                Well keep poking the bear, AJ is going to prove to everyone that something happened in that first fight.

                              • latest animes
                                latest animes  2 months back

                                0:39 kevin from "the office" ?

                              • Trevor Huntoon
                                Trevor Huntoon  2 months back

                                All the British haters lol

                                • Jay YourMaster
                                  Jay YourMaster  2 months back

                                  He's just being honest

                                  • Jeremia Nicholas VEVO
                                    Jeremia Nicholas VEVO  2 months back

                                    Hashtag huahahahahaa

                                    • hmm i see you
                                      hmm i see you  2 months back

                                      teach AJ a new wiggles piggy dance next time

                                      • hmm i see you
                                        hmm i see you  2 months back

                                        @Fernando Linn i am not a boxer son

                                      • Supa Mario
                                        Supa Mario  2 months back

                                        @Fernando Linn stfu one clip should put the mofo down

                                      • hashim kerio
                                        hashim kerio  2 months back

                                        you can't day that AR you will have your statement that AJ is not agood boxer clarified after rematch remember AJ slso said your win was a minor setback and he believe so... lets wait

                                    • DaX
                                      DaX  2 months back

                                      Yeah we can tell you’re a hungry guy mate