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  • jbvader721
    jbvader721  6 months back

    Toni Collette got so snubbed!

    • Karma Hadid
      Karma Hadid  11 months back

      No wonder the mother is stress living whole life like that

      • Richard Hendrikse
        Richard Hendrikse  1 years back

        Yep, Toni Collette is obviously Oscar material! She definitely is a undervalued actrice. This is method acting pur sang! ....And the Oscar goes to: Toni Collette!!!

        • Víctor Muesa
          Víctor Muesa  1 years back

          She should win every single award out there for this performance. Absolutely amazing.

          • PalmurcioWorld
            PalmurcioWorld  1 years back

            Give her the Oscar!

            • Joshua DR
              Joshua DR  1 years back

              She is such an amazing actress. Loved her since United states of tara

              • Randy Kern
                Randy Kern  1 years back

                Phenomenal actress

                • Kyle Peterson
                  Kyle Peterson  1 years back

                  This film was amazing. I just saw it today and I'm thinking about going again tomorrow lol. I'm a true fan of horror films and I haven't seen one this good in a longgg time.

                  • Kyle Peterson
                    Kyle Peterson  1 years back

                    And I also hate jump scares, since when is being "startled" an emotion? This movie doesn't rely on any jump scares at all and it truly evokes fear and dread on a real level.

                • EinSophistry
                  EinSophistry  1 years back

                  And the Oscar goes to...

                  • G. Coleman
                    G. Coleman  1 years back

                    Ms Collette. Bravo! Yet another under rated actress. Literally liked her for her 5 scene role in 6th Sense. Was something about her you could see the love yet frustrations with lil Cole. Great movie...this one and that one!

                    • Zach Sklar
                      Zach Sklar  1 years back

                      Toni Collette will win an Oscar for this performance! Book it!

                      • Cameron James
                        Cameron James  1 years back

                        I can't freaking wait for this movie

                        • Mister Sarajevo
                          Mister Sarajevo  1 years back

                          I'll bet money the audience is going to hate this film. Any horror film that garners significant acclaim always has its share of haters (The Witch, It Follows, The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy etc.)

                          • Konoron
                            Konoron  1 years back

                            Mister Sarajevo None of those movies were very good. Just mildly above average.

                          • Sir Farty Fartsalot
                            Sir Farty Fartsalot  1 years back

                            Damien Casteel - 62% on RT, shit gibbon. Told ya so!

                          • Z Serbs
                            Z Serbs  1 years back

                            Aside from It Follows all those others are really boring and over hyped so I think its more disappointment than hate for those films

                          • Damien Casteel
                            Damien Casteel  1 years back

                            What's up dumb & dumber? Ah would you look at that, 78% audience approval & 8.3 on IMDb.

                          • Sir Farty Fartsalot
                            Sir Farty Fartsalot  1 years back

                            1. Nonsense

                            2. No, he didn't.

                            3. Not true. Any moron would realize that it wasn't a monster movie. It was "The Walking Dead" dopes who were disappointed.

                            4. Well, yeah... enough jump scares to keep the attention-spanned idiots interested. And "Get Out" is more of a comedy that gets flack for being overrated or "anti-white" from Trumptards (like you).

                            Oh shut up

                        • My Good Channel
                          My Good Channel  1 years back

                          Stop it! I'm doing my best nit to read spoilers

                          • Atlas Millet
                            Atlas Millet  1 years back

                            Man, she is such a good actress

                            • veda pierce
                              veda pierce  1 years back

                              Toni Collette for the Oscar !!!!

                              • JackSam90
                                JackSam90  1 years back

                                Glenn Close vs Toni Collette for next Oscars!

                              • veda pierce
                                veda pierce  1 years back

                                I watched that movie at the last Sundance Film Festival in Jauary 2018 and she was absolutely PHENOMENAL !!!!

                              • Kev Low
                                Kev Low  1 years back

                                veda pierce
                                That would be INCREDIBLY WELL DESERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

                            • phil
                              phil  1 years back

                              even in this clip she is phenomenal, Collette truly is a raw talent

                              • Becca Lowry
                                Becca Lowry  1 years back

                                idletalker they should just give her the Oscar now

                              • Kev Low
                                Kev Low  1 years back

                                Indeed, so natural and raw!

                            • Andrea Corbett
                              Andrea Corbett  1 years back

                              Who else can’t wait for this film to come out?

                              • Advenassaurus
                                Advenassaurus  1 years back

                                Toni colette's head is cut off.

                              • Kyle Peterson
                                Kyle Peterson  1 years back

                                Someone else in another comment section spoiled it for me too but I still saw it and I was still surprised. It's just so well executed

                              • G. Coleman
                                G. Coleman  1 years back

                                Andrea Corbett oh please go see. It's got a Blair witch plus Scream feeling

                              • Advenassaurus
                                Advenassaurus  1 years back

                                Everyone dies and the teen guy gets possessed by a demon that his grandmother and her cult friends followed.

                              • Psycho XXXDDD
                                Psycho XXXDDD  1 years back

                                veda pierce it made me regret not going to church